Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Introducing: Educational Swatch Packets

(UPDATE 3/6/17: We are discontinuing the swatch packets. When they are sold out, we will not be making anymore. 3 packets are only available at this time. Cotton is sold out.) 

I get a lot of questions about fabric types. Whether it is on the Facebook page, in a sew-along, in person or through email, I find sewers are craving to learn more about fabric! They might have been sewing with the fabric all along, or are scared to work with it because they aren't sure how to use it. One of my goals is to share my fabric knowledge with other sewers so they can be more educated and then hopefully share the information with others too! 

We have teamed up with Deby from So-Sew-Easy to create Educational Swatch Packets. These swatch packets give you a little information about the fabric, what you can make with the fabric and care instructions. The swatches are about 5 inches square, so you have enough to test in your sewing machine. 

Every person in this world is different and unique. Every fabric in this world is different and unique too. You will never have one fabric that looks exactly the same as the other! While we try to describe fabric to the best of our abilities, you will want to use this packet to get yourself a little more familiar with basic weave and fabric types. 

We are currently offering three different swatch packets:

1) Knits - This includes jersey knits, ITY, double knits and other novelty knits that are commonly found on our website. 

2) Silks - This includes the most common silk fabrics you will find on our website -- sheers all the way to satins. We have also includes other blends such as a comparison of polyester chiffon and silk chiffon. You will be interested to feel the difference between the two! 

3) Cottons - This includes cotton fabrics of all weights, but especially ones that are commonly found on our website. We also included a swatch of rayon challis and linen since they are part of the same family. 

The backside of each packet includes care instructions for each type of fabric. As always, we recommend pre-treating all fabrics before cutting out the pattern! But the guide is helpful in caring and maintaining beautiful fabrics.

Packets are $4.99 each. Order all three and pay $12/pack. Click HERE to order now!

We're also working on videos to go along with the packets. I will be your "host," sharing my fabric knowledge with the world! 

Is there anything you would like to know about fabric? 


  1. I already own all three, and they are great!

  2. Great option! Reading about fabric online is one thing, but actually touching it and determining if it is going to work for your ideas is always the best option.


  3. This is so funny to me because expanding my knowledge of different fabrics and having "samples" on hand is why I joined the monthly swatch club!

    1. The fabrics used in the Educational swatch packets are not for sale like in Julie's Picks swatch club. I'd say as a Julie's Picks member you get an even better understanding of fabric because you're constantly getting new samples, rather than just one packet. Enjoy Julie's Picks!

  4. Is this different than the monthly newsletter Julie's Picks?

    1. Hi Carmen, It is different than Julie's Picks, although they have been discontinued. I'm sorry!


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