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"Fabric Mart, how can I help you?"

We receive a lot of phone calls at Fabric Mart and have noticed our customers have the same questions and concerns.  To help you we made a list of our most frequently asked questions:  If you still have a question that is not listed here about our online website, placing your order, or a recent purchase, please ask. 
You may call as at 1 800 242 3695 during our office hours of Monday-Friday 8-5pm EST If you are not able to call during those hours, please email our customer service desk at
And if you have a question about a project, feel free to ask the blog team!  Email us at:

Inspiration: Halloween Crafts

Getting ready for your Halloween and Fall festivities? 
Here are some fun DIY (Do It Yourself) that anyone can do :)
Be sure to check out our Pinterest, we have a pin board dedicated just for Fall Sewing & Crafts Check it out here:

For the kids:

For your Party / Home Decor:

For the Costumes:

So go get started decorating for your party and look for more inspiration on our Pinterest!

Happy Crafting!

Guest Post: Grace from You by Grace

I have something special for you on the blog today! 
Meet my friend Grace from You by Grace is here to show you some of her favorite trends for this season.
I met Grace through Char Photography and loved her personal style from the very first minute.
I was thrilled with excitement when I saw that Grace was going to be working with Char as a stylist.
I began following her blog and Pinterest immediately!
I highly recommend you do too!
Hi, My name is Grace. I am a stylist. I am passionate about creating, fashion, color, art, and beauty. As I tend to follow the the fashion trends, I personally feel that fashion isn’t fashion without putting your own twist to it. Owning what you wear and how you wear it. If it is adding something you love to a “trend” or minimizing the “trend” to make it your own, I feel that is what makes it YOURS. I love originality, and I believe that is what makes true style.
I work for a phenomenal Photographer, Char (, as her stylist. We …

At Fabric Mart: Anna Sui Fabric is Here!

Anna Sui is one of the most well-known designers in fashion today being named one of the top five fashion icons of the decade. Her timeless designs and wild prints have earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA. Like many fashion students Anna Sui began at Parsons. After school she started out by designing clothing out of her apartment. With only $300 in her savings she quit her job and ran a business from  a corner in her living room.  What an inspiring story! How many of you are in the same situation right now? Don't give up, you could be just as successful as Anna Sui someday!
Find Anna Sui fabric on
Here are a few of Anna Sui's designs: Below the images are links to the fabric we have that are currently online.

Read more about Anna Sui here.  See more of Anna Sui's designs by visiting her website:

Our Wholesale Division: Textile Trade Shows!

Do you have a business, but have a hard time finding the fabric you need? Have no fear, Fabric Mart Wholesale is here! If you are a designer, fabric store or small clothing manufacturer, you need to check out our wholesale website at:
The wholesale division carries a different selection of fabric than the retail website. If you can purchase 12 or more yards of fabric (12 yards of ONE continuous piece of fabric, or a bolt) and you are a business, email Julie now. She will assist you finding the fabric you need. Our stock constantly changes, so even if we can't help you now, you never know what deal is coming up next!

Did you know there are textile trade shows catering to small designers and fabric stores? No need to feel overwhelmed at the huge fabric shows with companys forcing you to purchase 2000 yards or more! We just came back from the International Textile Expo in Las Vegas. Normally held in March and September, it is a one-stop shop for any small…

At Fabric Mart: Our Costume Choices

If Fabric Mart were having a Hallowen Party,  what would you dress up as? Gabby: Poison Ivy Lisa: Jasmine Kaitlin: Walrus Jen: Crazy Cat Lady Amy: Black Cat Christine: Witch Sandy: Pink Chicken Chris: Cat Woman Brett: Grimm Reaper Sharon: Snow White Lisa: Baby Bunny Julie: German Girl

What are you going to be for Halloween?
Make a costume for you, a friend, or a family member and then show us your costume by entering our Halloween Costume Contest to win a $100 gift certificate to shop at Fabric Mart.
Entries are due November 1st, 2012.

Inspiration: Decorate a Pumpkin!

Pumpkin decorating has been taken to new levels in the 21st Century! I'm only 26, but when we decorated pumpkins "back in the day", we either painted them or carved out the basic eyes, nose and mouth. Today there are so many different supplies and fresh ideas, that the traditional pumpkin almost seems boring. So here are a few fabric-minded pumpkin decorating ideas to spice up your fall and Halloween decor!
All of these pictures were found on Pinterest.

An elegant pumpkin! We have a wide variety of laces right now.  Click on the links below to see some of my suggestions: CXB5040 - Anna Sui Puckered Floral Stripe Lace in BlackSOLD OUT UUD4496 Fishnet-look Lace in BlackSOLD OUT

So sweet! Of course depending on your style and your stash, your pumpkin may look different. Decoupage strips of fabric to a pumpkin for a patchwork look. Click on the links below for some recommendations: CED4960 Cotton Sateen: In the Autumn TreesSOLD OUT SPE4959 Floral Stretch Cotton SateenSOLD OUT SM…

Feature: Glamtastik

When browsing the web for creativity and inspiration we came across a line of work you don't see everyday. Glamtastik, is a business that we found specializing in designing custom corset dresses for special occasions. The line up of costumes, dance wear, bridal and prom really sparked our interest. Angela Pilat, is the owner/designer of Glamtastik. 

Angela Pilat has been creating custom corset dresses as well as being a professional photographer for over ten years. Not to mention being a professional model and make up artist as well. With all of her creativity, she not only does a lot but she does it admirably. Two very accomplished business' while also being a mother and wife. 

We were motivated to ask a few more questions to get to know more about Glamtastik, so read on and enjoy getting to know about this thriving business. 

When did you start and what made you want to design custom corset dresses?

I have been a professional photographer for just over ten years now. www.AngelaP…

Halloween Costume Announcement.

Do you hear those eery noises too?  No, they're not screaming because they are scared. They're excited.  Why?  Because Fabric Mart is giving them a chance to win $100 to spend on fabric! You might have already seen it on Facebook or received your invitation with your recent order.  Maybe you thought, "This can't be? Can it be true?!" At last! It is true!
And it is simple! All you need to do is order fabric from Fabric Mart ( or visit us at our location in Sinking Spring, PA and make a Halloween costume for yourself, a family member or a friend.  Photograph that bad boy on either your model or a mannequin and email it right on over to including your Name, Invoice Number for the fabric you ordered, the Pattern used (if any!), and Who the costume is for. 
All entries are due by November 1st, 2012 and must be sent to the blog by 11:59 pm EST. 
We are offering two categories which means two prizes! The winner of the …