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Made By A Fabricista (And Fabric Describer!): Snow Day Pinafore

Hi everyone! I’m Kayla , one of the fabric describers here at Fabric Mart. But today I’m coming to you from the blog! I made this Gambit Dress from Mood Fabrics (shh don’t tell) in a small plaid cotton. This fabric actually never went up online! We bought out a store in Scranton and got a bunch of smaller bolts of fabric. These bolts went out into our retail store! Our retail store has a whole bunch of racks  of fabric that range from $1-$4, and right now we have a $5 wool rack. The fabric I grabbed was on the $3.99 rack! Because the store fabric tends to be smaller quantities and leftover online fabric, we typically don’t get information on content. A quick burn test told me it was indeed cotton! I was originally aiming for a wool for this project, but knew the cotton would be a little bit easier to work with and maintain. One of the sides is brushed, which I decided to use as the wrong side.  With my fabric washed and dried I got to work on the pattern. I hadn’t used a pattern print

Made by a Fabricista: Youtube Edition | Dee & Dory

YouTuber's Dee & Dory are back on the Fabric Mart blog today with their most recent Fabricista Makes. Make sure to click play on the video below to hear all about their fabric choices & how their projects turned out! Dory: I made a fun jumper/dress using Cotton Shirting Poplin with 20% stretch!  This fabric was so easy to work with.  My machine loved it and so did I.  I used a vintage Butterick pattern 4205 and the fabric was the best choice for it.  It gave it a bit of a more “modern” touch.  It has 1/4” elastic in the waist, which I also got at FabricMartFabrics. This ruffle took a lot of fabric.  The pattern called for 3-1/8” yards of 60” fabric.  This particular cotton was 54” and I didn’t think that would be a big deal.  I did order a little extra just in case.  Good thing! I was able to get it out of the 3-1/2 yards but I had almost none left over and it took some finagling.  I’m proud to say that it turned out great.  It has a skinny belt to tie around the elastic wa

Made By A Fabricista: Cargo Style Jeans!

Happy Friday All! I am excited to be back blogging and sharing my makes! It has been a while since I photographed a make. In 2024, I  plan to be more consistent in sharing tips and photos of my makes via social media and my personal blog.  The later part of 2023 took me for a rough roller coaster ride.  Due to some health challenges in November and several visits to the doctor, I decided to focus more on my physical and mental health and sewing fell by the wayside.  I am better, stronger and mentally ready to tackle 2024 in full force. I have had this KNOW ME (ME2054) pattern in my stash since it was released and wanted to make it for my last blogpost of 2023.  I had the pants cut and ready to sew back in November but didn’t get started until the 2nd day of January.  I was determine to get it done as my first project of 2024 and would not move from the machine until progress was made.  I actually wanted to make it with all the pockets exactly like the pattern envelope but after doing a

Made By A Fabricista: Youtube Edition - Marty

Hello everyone. This is a project in the making and honestly, one I am very excited about. I had the idea to play with 14th-century clothing a bit more and this is... well the beginning.  A lot of research goes into building a historical wardrobe, and by this point in two decades of sewing, I feel like a lot of it comes naturally to me. Especially as I have focused primarily on big historical builds a lot in the past few years. For this project specifically I looked at the work of the Limbourg brothers. Specifically their Book of Hours. I chose one specific artist(s) because I wanted to be able to learn how they depicted their allegorical figures. Or the people that furthered the story. This can help sort what would have been worn in history, vs, what is artistic license. And while I'm not doing any sort of design that would be considered allegorical (yet) it is nice to have a foundation to work from. As usual with my projects, this one got a little away from me. But for good reaso

Made By A Fabricista: Sew House Seven Gathered Romey Dress in a red and black Linen/Rayon Heart fabric

Hello sewing friends! I am so excited to share my new dress with you on the Fabricista blog for Fabric Mart today. My name is Patricia, and you can follow me on Instagram at @Hoppaheedahoe. I chose to sew the Sew House Seven Romey Gathered Dress and Top. I selected to sew the longest dress version (#3) in the Off-White and Cherry Red/Black Linen/Rayon Large Heart Print Shirt Weight woven fabric. I wanted to purchase this fabric almost a year ago and it sold out. I was so happy to see it was back on Fabric Mart's site.  This fabric was a dream to sew! My favorite two fabrics are linen AND rayon, so a blend of these two fabrics is perfection. This pattern has a lot of ease, 7 inches for most sizes! I made the size according to my measurements and it is really big, but I love it. If you do not like a lot of ease, I would consider sizing down a few sizes and use the finished measurements to help you decide. The Romey has a raglan, puffy sleeve that falls above the wrist, with a keyho

Made By A Fabricista: Sewing Elevated Basics

  Hi fellow sewists! It’s Andrea from . Today I am sharing the details on two recent pieces that were sorely needed in my wardrobe – versatile solid color tops that can be worn with a variety of bottoms and dressed up or down. I am SUCH a fan of fun prints and whimsical patterns – my self-sewn wardrobe is full of stripes, florals, and geometric prints. So every now and again, I have to take a step back and push myself to make more flexible and basic pieces…and one way I get myself going is to look for options with those little details that really elevate a piece. Of the two tops I’m sharing today, I sewed the first per the pattern as the design already included a fun detail I really liked. For the second piece, I did a little hack to add a fun feature.  For my first piece, I sewed up the Moira shirt from Wardrobe by Me ; it’s designed for wovens and has these amazing bountiful gathers along the neckline. Look at these gorgeous gathers! There is also an option for a g