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Made by a Fabricista: Youtube Edition | Dee & Dory

YouTuber's Dee & Dory are back on the Fabric Mart blog today with their most recent Fabricista Makes. Make sure to click play on the video below to hear all about their fabric choices & how their projects turned out! Dory Dory used a 2009 Simplicity 2550 pattern inspired by Project Runway to make her linen dress.  The fabric is 100% linen with a slight slubbing.  It was a gem to work with, plus having the tropical Floral and birds on the linen made me feel like I was with “nature" while sewing on it! This was my first time sewing with Linen and I absolutely loved it.  I want more of it!  Even though it says dry clean only, I did cold water wash it and dried it on low.  It turned out just fine.  The dress has a 22” back zipper, a tab on the neckline to give it shape.  I added 5” to the hemline to make it the longer length. The sleeves have a nice detail with cuffs. There are fish eye darts on both the bodice and skirt, front and back.  Dee Fall will soon be here! Cool

Made By A Fabricista: Teen Birthday Party Look using Ponte Knit

 Happy Friday All! I am so excited that my daughter has allowed me to sew for her again. When she was younger and in elementary school, she was always excited for me to make her skirts and dresses.  I haven’t sewn much for her over the past 3 years, but this year I have made 2 dresses and this cute set for our next vacation.  I plan to make a few other pieces before the summer is over. My daughter Arielle wanted a black ponte knit leisure wear set for the longest that she could rock to her a summer party or on vacation.  She was too picky with the style of the top, so I delayed making it.  We settled on the pants but for the top, she just could not decide.  She is very particular about showing her chest, making it to crop and love a peekaboo in the back.  When we came across Simplicity 9784 pattern, we knew this was a win.  I love the style but felt it was a bit crop for my personal taste but perfect for her. Top Review: Size Small The pattern is an easy sew and the directions are wri

Sewing Projects for Kids

With summer here and the kids out of school, you might already be hearing the dreaded words, “I’m bored!” Turn that around by giving them the chance to learn a new skill – sewing! Sewing can be taught to most any age, but the project type will vary depending the age and skill level of the child. We’ve rounded up a few great projects and ideas that can help jumpstart your child’s interest in sewing! A Good Place to Start with the Youngest: Hand Sewing As a parent of a 5-year-old, my son has really enjoyed sewing little felt stuffed toys that have pre-cut holes around the edges of the shapes. Michaels Craft Store carries a nice selection of different kits for various interests. What I like about these is that it is an easy way to start learning the hand sewing motion. The kits also come with sticker embellishments to finish off the project. Once they get the idea of hand sewing, let them create their own felt projects. The blog, Meraki Lane has a great list of 16 Felt Sewing Projects t

Made by a Fabricista: YouTube Edition | Marty - Powering Through Failure

Sometimes you have an idea of what you want to do, and you think it's all going well. And then it fails. And then you panic. And then you're staring at your calendar telling yourself that you have time but really don't because your brain still hasn't adjusted to the fact that you are, indeed, working a full-time job and have an active social life again. *cue dramatic music and panic* But let's be real, when does anything ever go according to plan? Between life, relationships, jobs, is anything what we really expected it to be once we get going? Why should this dress be any different?  The upside, which I don't think I said in the video, is that I know exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. So good thing my pattern decided to yeet itself into the void by refusing to auto-save right? Right? Okay but let's be real. This also allowed me to make samples for two patterns that I have been fussing with for months. AND they actually worked. It was almost like tak

Made By A Fabricista: Sewing for Summer: A Summer Dress and a Men’s Button Down Shirt

Hello, fellow sewing enthusiasts! With the sun shining brightly and the temperatures rising, it's the perfect time to sew a easy little summer dress. I also attempted to sew up a button down shirt for my husband, but we will get to that later in this blog post. I dug through my paper sewing patterns to see what I had for this summery fabric I chose.  There are so many patterns from the big 4 pattern companies I had but I settled on McCall’s MP683.  The fabric I chose was an easy breezy cotton.  The coral color is one of my favorite colors and I fall back on it often.  I did view C for this dress.  The pattern has options for cutting out the fabric so that you can play around with stripes if you wanted.  For me I took the easier route and cut my front piece out on the fold.   On the topic of the big 4 patterns can talk about ease in these patterns? Can we collective agree that the amount of ease is just way too much.  I did make a muslin first and did my usually full bust adjustment