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Guest Post: ITY Knit with Amber

Hello there! Amber is the last of our three seamstresses sewing knits. Make sure you check out what Meg and Kathy made!  Amber did a fantastic job on this post with a lot of great tips and thorough explainations. You will definitely enjoy it! We asked Amber to make something using ITY Knit. ITY Knit is wonderful not only because it is fashionable and comes in a lot of great prints, but has nice stretch, drape, and is made to be comfortable and breathable. And let's not forget, washable. You can make dresses, tops, leggings, drapey cardigans, skirts, and more. So for the next pattern you use that suggests a light-medium weight knit consider using ITY! Check out our selection online: And now, here's Amber:   Hi!  I'm a stay-at-home mom of two little ones after working for quite a few years in a long hours, high stress job as an IT administrator.  My mother sewed when I was growing up, however I didn

Inspiration: Father's Day Gifts

 Father's Day is coming and we have to be ready for it. Not only with breakfast in bed, day plans, but also a gift. My 10 year old daughter is making a lot of preparations for that day including a handmade card, breakfast, washing his car, pampering him, and obviously asking me over and over, “what are we buying the guys (Dad and Grandpa)?” The question is: What can we give my husband and my father that shows them how important and loved they are? The fact is that there is not the magical gift for all Dads, since all of them are different. To begin my search for the perfect gift I asked myself a couple of questions just to make it easier for me to pick the right gifts and save some time. What my your budget?   What is your dad’s favorite activity? Does he have a hobby? Vintage belt buckle What is his job?      What is his participation at home? Does he enjoy cooking or grilling for us? Does he love to play a sport?         iPhone A

Guest Post: Merrick from Merrick Art

Do you have a favorite sewing blog you follow? Well here is ours: Merrick's Art. Merrick is an adorable mommy who has found ways to impress us everytime with the way she alters clothing. So when we chose to talk about making old pieces new on the blog this month, we NEEDED Merrick to guest blog! Here she is! Hello! I'm Merrick from Merrick's Art where I blog about sewing, style, and life. I'm excited to share a really fun refashion here today!  Many months ago, I went thrift shopping and picked up this ginormous navy blouse.  I had no brillant refashioning plans, so it sat in my fabric box for many months until just recently I saw a navy peplum top and instantly knew that's what this top was destined for.  With my 2013 goal to be a better seamstress, I really took my time on this project, making sure to think through each step, and I am thrilled with how it came out! I didn't have a blue zipper, but this green one made for a fu

Guest Post: Ponte Knit with Meg

Today we have a great post from another one of our knit ladies! Meg from Made by Meg is going to show you how to make a peplum tshirt out of ponte knit. Ponte knit is a heavier knit that holds shape well and still has some stretch. It is perfect for tshirts, fitted dresses, fitted pants, and pencil skirts. In real life, Meg is a nerd in the non-profit world, but she sews and knits because, as she says, you can't wear a thesis! She's working on filling out a handmade wardrobe, and blogs about her sewing adventures at Made by Meg . I didn't jump on the peplum bandwagon right away, but once I made my first simple knit peplum top, I was in love! The peplum adds style and sophistication to what is otherwise a comfy t-shirt, which is something I can rock all day long! If you're thinking you might want to try your own, you're in luck! Today with the help of the  Fabric Mart Fabricistas , I am bringing you a simple-to-follow tutorial on how to

Inspiration: Where to donate fabric

  Is it time to clean up your sewing room? Do you have an excessive amount of scraps hanging around that you intended on using but have yet to make anything? We have a few ideas on how you can spring clean your remnants while providing for others in need. A few ways Fabric Mart donates: Quilt Groups - Contact your local churches or quilter's guild to find an organization who can use your scraps to make quilts to donate. Check with the group to know what materials they use. Some places will take a variety of materials while others might only take quilting cottons. Animal Rescue Centers - Damaged, Dirty, Stained, no problem! The animal shelter can use them. We suggest packing up a bag of knits, fleece, or other soft materials. Unfortunately, Fabric Mart is already committed to a number of local organizations and is unable to donate to more. We appreciate that you have t

Resource Library: Favorites

I love reading blogs and catching up on posts before bedtime. There are so many posts that I love and like to revisit and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.   My friend over at Madalynne wrote a little piece on one of my favorites: Lilly Pulitzer. I was surprised to find out that the headquarters is so close to Fabric Mart! R.I.P. Lilly! This is a great tutorial on how to wallpaper your wall with a projector and sharpie! How cute would this be in a child's room or as a fun accent wall or hallway? Visit the blog Owen's Olivia to read the post and see how she did it! (It's easier than it looks!) This post from Sewaholic I am quite fond of because it speaks the truth about my sewing life. I love making pretty fashionable pieces that I wouldn't wear everyday. But then I run into a problem. I have nothing to wear to my day job. It doesn't seem like such a bad thing until you are actually in the position of deciding wheth