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Sew Along: Making a Winter Coat

I've always wanted to make a winter coat. I tried my hand at a blazer about 10 years ago, (I was about 16 at the time) but didn't like the way it turned out. That ended up in the trash.... I'm a little older now and have learned a lot more about sewing, so I'm ready to take it on! I will be using  Simplicity #2311 . I wanted to make a classic-style coat that is timeless and stylish.  Simplicity #2311 For the fabric, I chose a Burberry-inspired plaid wool coating. Of course I had to choose something that will make this project just a little bit harder, but I'm really excited to learn how to match plaids! I had this fabric in my stash, although it is from Fabric Mart. We had it on our website last year.  For the lining I will be using an Italian silk crepe de chine from our website ( CWD4232 - Italian Crepe de Chine in Navy ). I will be making the coat extra warm by interlining it with cotton flannel and will be using a weft-interfacing. 

Inspiration: Our Picks for Winter Coats 2012

Are you ready to make a new coat this winter?  Here are a few ideas including our favorite coat patterns for this season paired with our fabric recommendations from Fabric Mart. 1.  How about a fancy brocade coat for festive occasions?    Vogue 8804 1.   CDA5479       2.  CAD5591 2.  Or a relaxed fit wool flannel coat?    Vogue 8539  3.  BIB5538    4.   BTA4718 3. What about a luxurious velvet coat?    Vogue 8465  5.  UWB4899   6.  BAD2653 4. Mix fun wool shetlands and prints!   Vogue 1277 7.   BLC5402     8.   BIA5401 5.  Make an elegant vintage coat with gorgeous cashmere.     Vogue 1083 9.   SPD5683     10.  CAA5552 6.  Here's a cute crop jacket from Colette Patterns. Use melton wool in a rich color or classic black.  Colette Pattern : Anise  11.  BEA4951ET     12.   SKD5408 7.  Looking for something more modern? Use melton or a beautiful mohair. Style Arc : Grace Trans-seasonal Coat  13

Inspiration: Dreaming about Velvet ?

We are loving the luxurious ways you can use velvet.  We collected our favorites and couldn't wait to share them with you!  Need to snazz up your office? How lovely is this  Velvet Office  with a velvet chair and bench? Here's a cute  Velvet Skirt  for a young lady. Add some length and anyone can wear it! Add a flair of vintage to your living room with a   Silk Velvet Pillow . Cover notebooks with velvet.  Velvet Books  make great gifts! Think velvet shorts are too difficult of a look to pull off?  Just pair  Velvet Shorts  with dark tights for a high-fashion-look perfect for early fall weather.   Velvet Bow Ties  are great as gifts for the guy that loves a bow tie or dress up the groomsmen at a winter weddings. Make a  Velvet Quilt  for your winter duvet cover. Here are a few velvets that would be perfect for these projects!  1.  MNE2126    2.  MCE5429    3.  MED5388    4.   CFC4631     5.  MAC4502     6.  MBB5279

DIY Tutorial: Embossing on Velvet with Rubber Stamps

With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays! Velvet is a popular fabric around the holidays and there is a really fun project you can make with velvet and rubber stamps. It is super easy and a lot of fun. You will need:  - Velvet (Silk/Rayon, Rayon/ Acetate or 100% Acetate Velvet with a nap) - Rubber stamp of your choice - Iron - Ironing board - Water spritzer bottle 1) Preheat your iron to the cotton/ wool setting. Iron any creases out of the velvet. 2) Place the rubber stamp face up on the ironing board. Spritz the rubber stamp with water. It should just be damp. Pat with a paper towel to remove any beaded water from stamp. Lay the velvet, right side down, onto the stamp making sure it is in the place you want it. Spritz some water on the velvet. Do not saturate it. 3) Place the iron on the fabric/stamp, holding it in place for about 10-20 seconds. Hold the iron as flat as possible. Try not to teeter the