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Made By a Fabricista: Playing with Pre-Cut Fabrics

Have you tried any of Fabric Mart's pre-cut fabrics ?  They have been such a remarkable deal that you can use them for experimenting with new trends, which is what I decided to do with mine!  I had two woven prints in four yard cuts- one in white and grey, and one in blue and black.  Four yards each is a lot of fabric!  At first, I thought that I'd make two new Spring dresses, but at the last minute, I thought "Why not make four tops instead of two dresses?"  Flounces, cropped pants, and asymmetrical hemlines are all trends that I wanted to try out this Spring. I thought of the white and grey print as my "test" fabric, as I liked the blue and black print more.  So, I started out testing Vogue 9067 which is a very loose fitting top with hem and sleeve flounces. The sleeve flounces are doubled, so you don't have to hem them.  I made a size smaller than my measurements would have indicated, and it is still quite voluminous. This was really easy to

Made By A Fabricista: Is it pronounced "The-Koon" or "Tuh-koon"?

Hi! Is it just me or do you find it almost impossible to pronounce most of the famous fashion designer names or labels?  When Fabric Mart received an inventory of Thakoon fabric, I was super excited, because I have seen beautiful makes by this designer!  However, when I attempted to share this great news with one of my new sewing pals, I realized, I don't even know how "Thakoon" is pronounced.  So I pointed it out to her on the screen instead, lol!  Luckily, she is also familiar with this designer and was able to tell me how to pronounce it correctly and I confirmed on you-tube..."tuh-koon".  Now if you are like me, and struggle with saying fancy designer names or labels, check out this cool you-tube   video   I found for a little help. Okay, let's get into this month's DIY look! This is a beautiful double-faced 100% silk satin.  Very luxurious sounding, huh?  Well it is.  The colorful print is gorgeous and I love the contrast bl

Made by a Fabricista: Spring has Sprung - Floral Romper

I loved McCalls 7577 from the very first moment I saw it in the Spring pattern release!!! So I knew I wanted to sew it up for this month's post which will go live just after the start of spring. I was drawn to this Jean Blue Floral Challis because I loved the denim look and I felt the floral print added the soft feminine touch that I love in the pattern photo. This challis is soft, light and fluid (as the denim is only a print). Thankfully it didn't unravel like crazy or shift too much while sewing which made it great to sew. Unfortunately this print is sold out but take a look at some of the other amazing challis prints and solids here . These solid or striped  linen knits  or floral crepes  would work beautifully as well due their light weight and drape. Although this is one of those patterns where I like every view, I knew I wanted to make one of the shorts versions first.  Initially I couldn't decide if I liked the contrast lace back of view A or

Made by a Fabricista: Mama and Me Jeans

Hello, all!  My name is Jess and I'm so happy to be here writing my first post.  The sweet toddler is my son, Cheeks. "Mommy and Me" is a popular thing in the world of girl-moms, but I haven't really seen much of it around for boy-moms. This got me thinking: why shouldn't my boy and I have some matching clothing?  Mama and me for Mama and Cheeks.  YES! When planning a project, I am almost always inspired by either a fabric or a pattern (very rarely by a design seen "in the wild"). These projects are no different.  I had an entirely opposite idea in mind at first, but this duo of pants are a definite case of fabric inspiration. I was looking through the New Arrivals section and happened upon this pinstriped indigo and blue stretch denim.  With a stretch of 20%, it dawned on me that it would be absolutely perfect for Jalie's Eleonore Pull-On Jeans (#3461).   For Cheeks, I chose Patterns for Pirates Captain Comfort Jeans .  The