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This is the official blog of Fabric Mart. Fabric Mart is an online and brick-and-mortar store located in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. We carry a wide range of designer fashion fabrics. We are a jobber, which means that all the fabrics we carry are closeouts or leftovers from designers and manufacturers. That is why we are able to offer our customers such great deals! We strive to offer our customers quality fabrics at a great price. If you've never been to our website, check it out now...www.fabricmartfabrics.com. 

Goal of our Blog
The goal of our blog is to offer inspiration, ideas and guidance to all sewers, from beginners to advanced. 

Meet the Fabric Mart Fabricistas!

Julie - Moderator/Blogger
Julie is the moderator and regular blogger on the blog. In addition to blogging, Julie is the Wholesale Manager and Assistant Buyer at Fabric Mart. Julie is also the coordinator of Julie's Picks, a monthly swatch club. 

When she's not selling fabric she LOVES to sew! "Fabric is my life! I live and work with fabric almost 24/7 and I haven't gotten tired of it yet." This is a way she would describe her life. She graduated from Kutztown University with a dual degree in Art Education and Fine Arts: Fibers. She is glad she can use some of her education while working at Fabric Mart. 

She has been sewing since at least 2nd grade, when she made shorts for her and her brother out of fabric from her grandmother's fabric stash. She found her way around the sewing machine, fabric and patterns on her own, with a little guidance from her aunt and mom. 

Kathy from Kathy Sews

I'm Kathy!  I sew mostly for myself and occasionally for folks I like.  I've been sewing longer then I can remember but it turned into an all out obsession about five years ago and have been blogging about it on Kathy Sews since 2012.  I rarely buy ready to wear clothes, so I'll make nearly anything for my wardrobe from coats to bras to dresses and everything in between. 

Dina from My Superfluities

Dina is a recent convert to sewing, having just started sewing *on her own* in early 2013.  She was always around sewers, with her grandmother, stepmother, and mother-in-law being the most influential in her desire to sew for herself one day. Until she learned to sew completely for herself, she would sit with these ladies at the sewing machine working on simple projects like skirts and basic dresses.  It got to the point where the women were not as available as Dina needed them to be, so she knew she had to figure out how to craft beautiful garments on her own, no hand holding allowed.  

Once she finished a few sewing classes in Northern Virginia, she realized that she not only was a pretty good seamstress, she was also very into this new hobby of hers!  Now she sews up a storm and has made everything from little girls' princess costumes to bags to vintage Vogue Paris Original dresses to a fully stuffed pizza costume.  Entering the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge allowed Dina to even further push her sewing limits and is glad to have put all the energy and effort into the creations!  She can't wait to see what she will be making next!

Dina is also the proud mom of three children and enjoys substitute teaching at her kids' school.

Vatsla Watkins is the author of Fashion Behind The Seams, a DIY fashion and sewing blog that aims to encourage others to sew. 

Vatsla is a certified fashion designer, educator, blogger, wife and mom. She teaches fashion design at the Art Institute of Charlotte and also loves to teach through written and video tutorials on her blog. 

She is observing a Ready To Wear Fast for all of 2015, and documenting her journey on her blog. Her true passion is creating garments and teaching others the beautiful art of sewing and designing. 

Vatsla graduated from Apparel Arts in San Franscisco in the summer of 2012 and now wants to make fashion design and sewing accessible to those who don't have access to fashion schools. She plans on adding more sewing and pattern making tutorials to her blog over time.

Elizabeth from I Sew, You Sew

Elizabeth first learned sewing basics as a child while visiting her grandparents deep in the coastal swamps of South Carolina.  She was bored and her Mother suggested she learn to sew her Barbie's clothes.  Using her Mother's vintage, childhood, Barbie patterns Elizabeth first learned the magic that is dreaming up a garment and seeing it come to life stitch by stitch.  After she stopped playing with Barbie's her sewing ceased as well, until the year before she had her first child.  A dear friend reintroduced her to sewing and she has been off and running ever since.      

Elizabeth recently returned to work after staying at home with her children for 6 years and has found that her sewing skills have buoyed her journey into parenthood, helped her continue work/life balance and in general are a fantastic outlet for all the creative whirring in her head.  She is very proud of her two girls (ages 3 and 7) and her husband who is always encouraging and never discouraging of her sewing obsession!

Michelle from That Black Chic

Hello my name is Michelle. A few fun facts about myself-- I'm an Aries, I like long walks on the beach, I own 14 pairs of glasses and I can still touch my toes. OK nix the long walks on the beach, I don' t really like the sand between my toes. Just breaking the ice Peeps. I can honestly say that I've always had a creative edge and learned at a very early age that if I could not afford it I would try to make it. I was refashioning secondhand clothing since my preteen days. I almost always had a needle and thread in my hand.

I have a background in art, photography, fashion design and tailoring. I just returned to sewing in 2014 after over a 20 year hiatus [not exactly if that classifies as a hiatus or not] and I decided to blog about it. Over at That Black Chic you will find super cool DIY's & Sewing projects. The face that represents my blog and my work is that of my partner in crime, my number one model, my daughter Mori. My sewing ain't for everybody but it definitely gives everybody something to talk about and that's why I love what I do!

Tiffany from TipStitched

Hi, I’m Tiffany of TipStitched (formerly Frougie Fashionista) and I love to sew! I am a thirty-something woman who fell in love with sewing after first trying my hand at it in 2014. As much as I wish that I could sew all day, my professional background is in engineering and I work full time in that capacity. In addition to my day job I've started an online clothing store TipStitched that specializes in handmade clothing for the effortlessly stylish woman and her mini me. Some of my other hats include wife (to a great husband who deals with my expanding fabric and pattern stash), stepmom (to two great kids), daughter (of some pretty great parents), sister (to a great sis who requests sewing garments but refuses to be photographed in them), doggie mom (to an aging yorkie). So yeah I stay pretty busy!

I love to sew with knits mainly because that’s what I like to wear and it’s comfortable. You’ll notice that dresses are my favorite items to sew because they are my favorite to wear. Jumpsuits/rompers are becoming a close second. I just love the ease of putting on one piece and having a whole look instead of having to coordinate separates.

Sue from ILove2Sew

Hi! I'm Sue and I simply love to sew! I constantly shop for fabric, notions, and patterns and my sewing room is overflowing into other rooms of my house. I started sewing when my kids were young and then took a long break--about 15 years before I started again. I am so astounded at how awesome the tools and fabrics are compared to what I was used to working with! I constantly strive to get a better finish, fit, and refine my techniques. I also love sewing for my family including my grandchildren! I've made many things for them as well. You can follow my sewing adventures at Ilove2sew!

Hi! I'm Meg. I just moved from Thailand to Vermont with my husband and cat. I can't stop thinking about sewing... fabric, patterns, notions... Sewing garments for myself, my family and my friends makes me happy, but I also love sharing my projects and "sewcializing" with other like-minded sewers across the world! You can follow my sewing adventures on my blog, Cookin' and Craftin', or on Instagram at @megret79!

Tee from Maggie Elaine

My name is Tee and my blog is Maggie Elaine. I Iive in Las Vegas currently, however, I learned to sew in 2011 while living in Chicago. I signed up for a sewing class at a local fabric store. In just three hours, I learned the basic functions of the sewing machine, how to sew a straight stitch, how to install a zipper, and I made a small throw pillow. After making that small pillow, I became obsessed with sewing and felt I could conquer the world one stitch at a time. If I am not sewing, I am either collecting more fabric and sewing patterns, thrift shopping, watching movies on repeat, or eating good food! Tee was the 2016 winner of the Fabricista Fashion Challenge.

Past Fabricistas

Ann From SewBaby

Ann Brodsky is the owner of SewBaby, a pattern company specializing in baby and children's clothing and accessories. Ann lives with her husband in Champaign, IL,  and also works for an elementary school coordinating mentors and volunteers. She is passionate about sharing her love of sewing and has organized two local youth sewing clubs- Sew Cool After School for elementary school students, and the Spinning Bobbins 4-H Club.  She also teaches beginning sewing classes for adults and gives private sewing lessons.  When she's not sewing, working or teaching, Ann likes to hang out with her husband, three grown daughters, and two cats.

Jenese from Needles and Fashion

Jenese is a self-taught seamstress that began her journey in the early 2000's. After many years of being more "off" than "on", Jenese dedicated herself to improving her craft and created Needles and Fashion blog and Facebook group as a way of sharing her journey with others as well as creating a share point for inspiration, tips and motivation. 

Nakisha from Sew Crafty Chemist

Nakisha decided to learn to sew after discovering sewing blogs dedicated to garment sewing. In 3 short years, she has become completely obsessed with the craft. She is a fabric and pattern junkie who primarily sews garments...and she is quite the selfish sewer. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two teens and Wilson The Cat. And is nearly obsessed with movies and books as she is with sewing.

Michelle from Happily Caffeinated
My sewing journey began in 2007, when I became fed up with not being able to buy the ready-to-wear styles that I wanted to wear because nothing fit. My top half was two sizes larger than my bottom half, and anything that fit me through the bust was enormous everywhere else. After a particularly traumatic incident involving a shirtdress that wouldn't button in a mall dressing room, I made the decision to learn to sew and to take control over my wardrobe. I immediately enrolled in a beginner's sewing class through my local adult education program and made my first pair of pajama pants. After that, I was completely hooked. I work at a fairly stressful job for a large technology company, and I find that sewing (and fabric shopping) helps me to keep my sanity.

When not working (or sewing), I enjoy spending time with my husband, preschool-aged daughter, three cats, and our dog. I blog about sewing and occasionally other things over at Happily Caffeinated.

Diane from Gatorbunny Sews

I'm a fabric junkie from Southern California and love to touch, cut, sew and dream about fabric.  I have the best job ever as a sewing teacher for both kids and adults.

My blog is my place to post sewing projects (I'm primarily a garment sewer although I try not to discriminate), both the well planned pieces and happy accidents, in hopes of connecting with other sewers and sharing this craft I love to much.

When I'm not sewing, I like to spend time with my husband and two kids or go outside for a run.

Shannon from ShanniLoves

Shannon was the winner of our first Fabricista Fashion Challenge. 

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