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Resource Library: Tulle

Tulle is an open-construction fabric made using three kinds of yarns. In the following image (green) warp yarns running with the selvedge are looped by (blue) warp yarns that run diagonally. At the same time another set of (purple) weft yarns loop the warp yarns and cross the opposite blue weft yarns. A Hexagonal design is produced by (warp) yarns and the two kinds of (weft – filling) yarns running diagonally. The regular even tension given to the yarns produces a firm, stiff netting called tulle. When fabric is relaxed, a hexagonal shape is evident. The fabric is starched to help it hold it design and produces a wiry, crisp hand. Tulle was first made as a foundation of laces in 1806 when John Heathcoat of Nottingham, United Kingdom ( see Lace post )  was trying to adapt his machine for lace production. Tulle netting is still the foundation of many laces. Tulle is still produced in Heathcoat’s Bobbinette machines which produces the highest quality of tulle. It

Sew Along: Sewing the muslin

Have you ever used a PDF pattern before? This is my first time using one and I'm a little nervous about the instructions because they do not have picture diagrams. However, ohhh Lulu does and instructional blog posts on their website to help guide you through the process. I am sure I will be visiting those often!  For those who are not familiar with PDF patterns I thought I would elaborate on the process.  A PDF pattern is often bought online and you receive the pattern by email. You save the document to your computer and then print following the instructions written by the seller. Independent pattern designers typically use this method.  You will print the pattern out and cut off the margins if instructed to do so.  From there you piece the pattern together following the grid system, placing matching letters and numbers side by side. (B1 is matched to B1, remember to check each side to make sure they match) The pattern will start to come together and look

Feature: Garnish Apparel

As wholesale manager, I have the opportunity to meet some really fun fashion designers. I grow a business and personal relationship with many and love to support their efforts! One of my (MANY) favorites is Erica Lurie, owner of Garnish Apparel.  Erica has so graciously accepted the invitation to be featured on our blog. She just finished a new collection, entitled, "White Label Collection." This collection is quite different from her regular line of garments, but still oh so tempting! The best thing about her designs is that everything is Handmade in the USA! Along with a team of talented sewers, they sew the entire line in Portland, OR. The images scattered through this post are part of the White Label Collection. Enjoy and don't local and support indie design!  From the "White Label Collection" - Spring 2013 What is behind your business name?    Garnish means to adorn or decorate.  One of the most immediate ways of expressing

Feature: Pamela's Patterns

Have you been working with commercial patterns and not getting the results you want? Well if you feel this way, you need to try Pamela's Patterns ! Pamela Leggett, creator of Pamela's Patterns, has been teaching how to sew since 1981. She specializes is pattern fitting which is clearly seen in her line of patterns, which are made to fit more like ready-to-wear clothes. In 2012, she was proud to bring the Palmer/Pletch Sewing School to the east coast. Along with Pati Palmer herself, she taught the classes at Steve's Sewing, Vacuum and Quilting in King of Prussia, PA. The main Palmer/ Pletch Sewing School is located at Fabric Depot in Portland, OR.  In keeping with our theme of everything Valentine's, Love and Lace, we especially wanted to feature Pamela's pattern entitled, UnMentionables Worth Mentioning . This pattern is for the "unmentionables" aka undergarments! She includes a pattern for a cami-illusion, slip and panties. The cami-illusi

Inspiration: Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day is one of my personal favorites because I love the simple heart decorations, the flowers, the cake, and the shades of pink and red. I especially love how all of the decorations can be made by hand. Here are a few ideas you can make yourself: Sweet Little Hearts bed decor Floral Heart Heart Whoopie Pies Paris Valentine's Day Love Letters Valentine Mittens Made With Love Cookie Jar   Love Tea   Pink Cake  Treat Bags   Pink Milkshake Painted Vases Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Fabric Mart 

Made by a Fabricista: Sewing a Men's Button-down Shirt

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Well this is very true with my husband. But I also think that making things for someone shows that you really care because you're taking time to do something for someone else.  My husband needed some new button-down shirts for work, so I decided that I would make some for him. I had three different shirting fabrics and a pattern in my stash, I just needed to sit down and do it! So I made a vow that I was going to start and finish all three of these shirts before I worked on any other project. (Haha, how many of us say that?!)  I used  McCall #6044  and three different cotton shirtings I bought from Fabric Mart a few years ago. The first shirt I cut out in size large because that's "what the pattern told me to do." I knew that when I make clothing for myself I never make my ready-to-wear size, so I was expecting the same thing here. When my husband tried

Sew Along: Lingerie

It's Katie with a new adventure! For the month of February I will be doing a sew along for making lingerie. I have never actually made lingerie, but I love pretty underthings. Especially vintage pretty underthings! However, when I visit a gorgeous lingerie shop I often run into a few of the same problems each time: 1. They seem to NEVER make them in my size. Apparently the lace and silk beauties only start at a B cup. You see where this is going. 2. The price tag for a wonderful under set is about half a week's pay. And seeing how I'm getting very small items, I cannot justify the purchase. So I think it is about time I do something about this! Who's with me?! I have to admit, I am rather nervous about making a bra. It seems so scary! So many notions! So many pieces! AH! I decided to use the pattern Ginger Suit from the shop Ohhh Lulu   Here are a bra  and  panties from her shop, are they not just adorable? I think I have some pretty li

Inspiration: Valentine's Day Dresses

Don't you love the feeling of a new dress for a date night out? Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to make yourself something gorgeous to wear. Here we picked out some patterns and coordinating fabrics to help you get inspired: Vogue 1328 Floral Knit- BVA4594 This dress is modest on top, but still body flattering. Use a great light to medium weight knit in a solid or a print. Vogue 1317 Stretch Micro-faille: BUB5019 This dress is perfect for those who are looking for something less form-fitting, but still want to accentuate your waist. Use a woven material with a little stretch. Vogue 8827 Slubbed Back Satin: SOB5658 This is a beautiful romantic dress perfect for any age that will draw attention to your face. Pair a vibrant lip color with a fun print or saturated color. Vogue 1183 Crepe-look Wool Suiting: BGB5514 Show off your arms in this slim-line dress. Choose a woven fabric in the perfect hue for your skin tone.

Inspiration: Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler has caught my eye with their use of prints, minimal color, and boxy shapes for women. I typically am not a fan of boxy shapes, but Proenza Schouler creates beautiful clothing from the simple shape as they use it as a canvas to layer gorgeous fabrics and details. Proenza Schouler is a womenswear line based in New York. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez's designs are inspired by contemporary art and youth culture but refined by impecable tailoring. The brand has expanded into shoes and handbags within the last few years. Proenza Schouler is a fairly young brand being founded in 2002. Yet they have already taken huge steps in the fashion industry by winning two CFDA Awards in 2004 and 2007, just a short time after launching. Proenza Schouler fashions can been found in over 100 exclusive retailers. You can find some for yourself at Bergdorf Goodman. Visit their website here: Make sure you chec