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Fashion Challenge Week 3: Sewing Tutorial - What They Made!

We're finished with week three's challenge and I have been really excited to see what they came up with. Each contestant was randomly assigned a sewing tutorial. They were to write about the topic and fulfill the following criteria:  Photos  - Are your photos clear and helpful for readers to understand each step?  While we totally understand not everyone has a professional camera and the perfect backdrop for photographing their creations, (Me included!!) you are in front of a world of other sewers. Make sure there aren't too many other distractions in your photos. Instructions/Information  - Is the information and instructions clear and easy to understand? Do you include information to help people that don't know sewing lingo? Supply List  - Did you mention everything the reader will need when completing the project? If you're writing about tips, what supplies make it easiest to work with these fabrics? Overall  - Do the photos and instructions/information

Week 2 Results and Next Challenge: Fashion Challenge Week 3 - Sewing Tutorials

Congratulations to Tiffany! You have won the Wrap It Up challenge. Unfortunately, Donna did not make it on to the next challenge. We also have a winner among the readers!  Congratulations to Rosa! You are the winner of the random drawing!  She wins a prize pack including quilting pins, two Kwik Sew patterns and Successful Serging by Beth Baumgartel.  Rosa from  Tortilla Designs Thank to you all who participated in this challenge. You all did an amazing job with your wrap dresses. Here are some of the other reader wrap dresses:  Nakisha from Sew Crafty Chemist (She was also a finalist in the Fashion Challenge last year!) Katrina from Susie Homemaker, MD - My pattern is the new Rachel by Maria Denmark and the fabric is one I purchased from Fabric Mart a while back, a purple printed ITY knit. I think this pattern echoes the classic style of the DVF wrap dress. I love its all in one bodice pieces -- no waistline seams to sew or match up. I also love the wide

Fashion Challenge Week 2: Wrap It Up! -- What They Made!

Week two is wrapped up (no pun intended) and the contestants have their dresses submitted! Boy, we are going to have some tough judging, again! These ladies keep blowing me away and are so creative! If you missed what this week's challenge is all about, check it out HERE . This week's guest judges are Meg Carter from McCall Pattern Co. and Linda Lee from The Sewing Workshop! Click the link above to read about them as well as the judging requirements for the challenge.  This week's winner will  win 3 free patterns of your choice from the McCall, Butterick, Vogue or Kwik-Sew lines AND 3 of the newest patterns released from the Sewing Workshop: Tremont Jacket, Florence Shirt and Bristol Top and Dress. VOTE NOW for your favorite dress! Reader Participation!  Sew along with the challenges! You have until Thursday at midnight to post a photo of your wrap dress.  Use  #fabricistafashionchallengereader  to share a photo of your finished project on Facebook, Instagra