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Fan Feature: Style Made Here

We hope by now you are overflowing with inspiration for your sewing space. But can one ever be too inspired? Today we're taking a tour and getting to know the owner of Style Made Here designed by Anna Maria. A line about feminine elegance designed in an equally elegant studio. Anna told us a bit about her business and then graciously answered our questions. So what better way to introduce Anna than to hear what she has to say about her passion turning into a business? It is very rewarding to be pursuing my passion for design. I am an architecture graduate but designing and sewing is my real passion. I make every item I sell and work with a variety of fabrics and styles. I also work with a lot of bridal wear; working with lace and making custom made accessories is a big part of what I love to do. Although my business is almost a year old , it has grown wonderfully, and I look forward to expanding it in the upcoming years. How did you get involved in fashion? I’ve

Halloween Costume Inspiration.

Halloween is coming! Here are just a few costume ideas to get you thinking. Baby Chick Lady Ghost Madonna Richard Simmons Cupcake Vampirella Cruella DeVille Boxer Stay posted for news from Fabric Mart about a special Halloween event!  

At Fabric Mart: Cutting and Shipping

Meet your friends who pull each fabric by hand, carefully cut and fold your choices and then ship off your package to greet you at your door step. They are the cutters. The cutters play a huge role in the Fabric Mart team. After everyone has prepared the fabric for you to view, the cutters make your dreams a reality. There is a lot of work that goes into cutting and shipping the orders. They often have a lot of details to remember to make sure everything is sent out the correct way. Fabric Mart has a team of 5 full-time and part-time cutters to make it all possible. Christine is the right hand to the cutting room. She hand pulls each individual item on the orders and lines them up behind the cutters which helps us process the most orders in a day. This job will make you work up a sweat! She also helps run the store. Sandy is a full-time cutter. She pays close attention to the quality of the fabric we send out to make sure you receive a clean and wonderful piece each time. Sandy

Fan Feature: Clean and Chic Sewing Room

Unfortunately the time to submit photos of your sewing room is over. We hope you got a chance to check out all of the sewing spaces over on our Facebook page ! We had a lot of fun looking at everyone's space and wanted to extend a big thank you for your support and kindness. But just because it's over doesn't mean we are done showing you inspiring rooms! We couldn't resist showing you Holleigh's sewing room! How amazingly clean and organized is this space?! Don't you just love it! We sure do! So we asked her a few questions about herself and this fabulous room. What is your day job?   Insurance Agent What is your dream job?   Purse Designer What do you sew in your sewing room?  Purses What is your favorite part of your sewing room?  The side-by-side tables.  One table is for my daughter to do her arts and crafts. Give us an organizational tip:   I have baskets and bins that fit perfectly under the tables.  I also use fishing lure b

Made by a Fabricista: Burnout Cardigan

When selecting fabric for the website, I have to think about what a customer might do with it. Sounds easy right? Not always. I might really like a print, but the quality of the fabric might not be there. Or the fabric feels beautiful, but the mix of colors are very...blah! I also know that sometimes a fabric can be really cool but tricky to sell unless you give the customer an idea on how to use it.  So I bring to your attention, Burnout Knit with Graffiti Print (#BCD4774) . SOLD OUT I'm addicted to the drapey-front cardigans that are very trendy right now. They are so comfortable and  versatile. The pattern I used is the Abby Cardi from . This is something else I'm addicted to! (We will talk about this in another blog post!) The pattern is super easy. It only took 2 hours from cutting to finishing.  Burnout Knit with Graffiti Print (#BCD4774)   SOLD OUT There are other burnout stripe knits on our website.  See all Burnout Knits Here a

Guest Post: Maddie from Madalynne

Maddie's on the blog today!  She has a wonderful sewing blog that must be bookmarked in your resource library right now! Following our post on how silk is made by Gabby, we asked Maddie to help us on how to actually sew this beautiful fabric. Which if you have ever attempted, you know it can be a real hot mess!  Try her tips below, and if you have any questions please comment on this post or send us an email . We would love to help you get answers. Hi, my name is Maddie Flanigan and I am the blogger behind Madalynne, the cool sewing and pattern making blog. If Steve McQueen was the “King of Cool,” then Madalynne is the “Queen of Cool.” My blog covers everything from how to draft a sloper to interviews with independent pattern makers/designers and what projects I’m working on. For the past two and a half years, my day job has been in the technical design department for a very large fashion company in Philadelphia. A couple of months ago, this company took note of my pe

At Fabric Mart: Taking Care of Business

Have you ever been on the phone with a business and wondered what the person on the other side looks like? Well now you're going to find out! Here we are featuring Chris and Lisa--- the two ladies that answer the phones, process your orders and get them ready to ship out the door. They do a wide variety of different things to make the business run smoothly. Below we've listed just a short list of tasks! Chris is the General Manager of Fabric Mart. Chris schedules the fabric cutters, answers questions that employees have as well as customer questions, processes your fabric order and gets it out the door.  Lisa is the accountant of Fabric Mart. When Lisa is not balancing the bank account, she is processing wholesale orders, answering customer questions and helps Chris process website orders.  So the next time you call Fabric Mart and Lisa or Chris answer the phone, thank them for all they do. They have a lot of patience to help the customers and manage the employee