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Made by a Fabricista: Lilly Look-a-like

I have always been a fan of Lilly Pulitzer and the fun, unique prints used in her garments. I was first introduced to the brand while I was an undergrad in a fine arts program. During a luncheon, we listened to an alumni that worked in the fabric design department at Lilly headquarters in King of Prussia, PA. While she talked about various aspects of her job and the Lilly brand, she told us how they get inspired by traveling to exotic locations around the world. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun and from that day on, I was hooked.  I was also one of many that trekked to their local Target last Sunday to snatch a piece of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection. But with dismay, I came home empty handed. I didn't feel the need to sit outside the store before it opened, but rather walked in around 8:20 a.m., only to find everything was gone! I don't believe there was a huge line out front of my local Target (I have three within a 5 mile radius of my house.) I beli

Made by a Fabricista: Luscious Linen Culottes

Do you wear linen?  I never did until a few years ago when I bought a long sleeved linen shirt for gardening.  I would alternate wearing it and a cotton chambray shirt when I worked outside, and I quickly noticed that the linen shirt didn't smell as much, or get as dirty as the chambray shirt did.  It also didn't seem as hot to wear. What I had figured out, was something known for centuries by people in hot climates. Linen is naturally resistant to bacteria (thus cutting down on odor), dirt repellant, as well as both absorbent  and quick-drying! It also has a naturally high SPF factor, high luster, and strong, long-lasting fibers.  And the cooling factor? I read that studies have shown that skin temperature can be lowered 2-3 degrees when wearing linen clothing, compared to wearing cotton clothing! It does have one drawback, and that drawback may be a deal breaker for some people- it wrinkles like crazy.  Just sit down once, and you will start to see lines whe

Made by a Fabricista: Mint Chocolate Momma.

This post could have also been entitled "I Look Exactly Like the Cover of Butterick 6183." For the April blog post, I decided to keep a few things in mind when picking out my project.  First, I definitely knew I would need to do something that would come together fairly quickly ( like less than a couple of days of work ) since I would be just returning home from a long Easter break ( we went to Indiana and Illinois to see friends and sites ), and that I would commence my son's First Holy Communion suit after I was done with this project.  Second, I needed something that was less dressy than my last few makes ( here is my Easter project , here is my March make for Fabric Mart , and here is February's make for Fabric Mart ).   I really wanted something that would be a great "mom on the go" kind of outfit.  Third, I knew that I would want something that transitions well across all the seasons, on its own in late spring, summer, and early fall, but could

Made by a Fabricista: Diane's Border Print Wrap Dress

When I was little, I loved when my mom took me to the fabric store in the pink building (by the way, my kids have never "loved" going to the fabric store).  I would go up and down the aisles with my hands outstretched so I could feel the fabrics.  My love for fabrics started when I was very young and I admit, I can get nostalgic about fabrics. My mom was a sewer and I remember many of the things she made, but one blouse in particular really impressed me.  She took a design class at a local college when I was 7 or 8 years old and made a two color tunic with an ogee print at the neckline and on the cuffs.  I thought she looked beautiful in it! When I saw this cotton print on  Fabric Mart's website , it took me back to that blouse and I knew I had to have this fabric. Border prints can be scary for sewers because we never know what to make with them aside from the typical dirndl skirt with the border at the hem.  When I saw this  black and magenta ogee p

Made by a Fabricista: Copycat Swimsuit

I've got to be honest, the thought of sewing a swimsuit has always been one of the scariest things for me. I always have a hard time finding one that I like and that will flatter my curvy figure. So when I find one I like, I need to grab it while I can! I had a tankini swimsuit for a few years (I hardly swim!) but it was starting to dry rot and sag. So I decided I was still going to keep the suit until I grew up the courage to make one. I'm not sure if my fear of sewing swimwear came from the fact that I just don't like wearing a swimsuit in the first place, or the fact that it actually has to be snug so it doesn't fall off of you in the water, but there was definitely a fear! Back in January 2014, I went on a business trip/winter escape to Miami. I found a fabric store that carried a TON of swimsuit fabric! I found a fun print and solid to match. That made me one step closer to making my very own swimsuit. THEN we had a business trip planned to Las Vegas for