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Meet the Fabricistas of 2021!

We had an overwhelming response when we put out a casting call searching for new sewists to join our Fabric Mart Fabricista family this year. With over 100 responses from talented Bloggers, YouTubers, & Instagramers throughout the country we knew we would have to increase the amount of spaces we we're offering this year. We decided to offer both bi-monthly & quarterly spots this year. And now we're so excited to be giving you a sneak peak of the thirty (Yes 30!)  Fabric Mart Fabricistas that you will see through out 2021! Scroll down to learn a little bit about each of them. 

KATIE  | @kak513 

Hello all, I'm Katie and I reside in southern California. I adore sewing and I find so much joy in creating clothing I can actually wear, it's like an art project that I can't help but show off every time I get dressed. All the sewists who share their shortcuts and tips and gorgeous clothing on social media inspire me.  I really love how sewing is skill I can continue improving on forever, and I will never tire of getting to tell someone "I made it!" when they compliment my clothing. 



Hello, my name is Nicole, lawyer by day, sewist by... whenever I have the energy and make the time! I am a proud Filipinx woman, first generation born in the U.S. Sprinkle in some part-time law school work (working on an LLM in International Human Rights), learning how to roller skate, walking my 12 year old puppy Zizou, and hanging out with my hubs and that pretty much sums where most of my time is allocated these days. I have been sewing since March 2020, so there's so much for me to learn! It started with a self-drafted reversible apron for my sweet niece's birthday, continued with masks, masks, and more masks, and very shortly after I fell absolutely in love with making my own clothes. To call myself self-taught is somewhat unfair; so many amazing people have helped me troubleshoot my would-be-sewing fails and walked me through different techniques. I love how sewing garments sparks excitement and creativity for me, allows me to work with my hands, and how amazing and supportive the sewing community is. You can follow all my sewing exploits on Instagram @nicoleangelinesews 


SHAINA   @shaina_sews 


Shaina Mack is the founder of Main Street Sewing Co, where she shares her bespoke clothing made lovingly by hand. She also works as a content creator for Rebecca Page Ltd where she can be found styling photo shoots and creating sewing related videos and tutorials. Passionate about sewing since childhood, she was inspired by the beautiful makes of her Grandmother and learned how to sew from many people over the years. She is passionate about teaching others how to sew and sharing her love for sewing with the world. When she’s not filming or teaching, she’s making clothing for her own handmade wardrobe and her loved one’s wardrobes. She can also be found chasing around her Airedale Terrier, Watson or spending time with her Husband Zeke. Follow her @Shaina_Sews and @Mainstreetsewingco on Instagram.


MACY  | @macycamile

My name is Macy Knight & many people know me as Macy Camile, which is my middle name. I am a new sewing blogger, but I have been sewing seriously since I was 15. At 27, I graduated college with a bachelor degree in Design. I have a huge love for floral fabrics, & I absolutely enjoy creating special occasion garments- it's my specialty.

KRISHA  @buttercupthreads 

I learned at a young age how to use a sewing machine and enjoyed watching my grandma sew quilts. However, it wasn't until 2015 when my kids started school full time that I taught myself garment making. I started with a pair of leggings and I was hooked. Since then I've slowly been teaching myself how to sew clothes; I love learning new skills and perfecting old ones. I'll never stop being amazed that one can turn a flat piece of fabric into a three dimensional garment. I also volunteer my time once a week teaching sewing to teenagers. I love sharing my passion and post pictures of my projects on Instagram @buttercupthreads.

EUNICE  @stylebymyeunice 

Hi My name is Eunice, I have been sewing over 25 years, I tell people I sew in my sleep. On a Normal day you will find me sitting in front of my sewing machine, or walking around with a tape measure around my neck. 

NATASHA  | @auschicksews

I’m Natasha (Nat) and I’m an Australian girl who grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Northern Virginia, USA in 2005.  When I was a kid, I spent hours upon hours in my grandmother's craft room watching her sew (and nagging her to let me sew too). She taught me how to hand embroider, and later, between seventh grade home ec. lessons, my own mother, and a lot of trial and error, I learned to machine sew too. In more recent years, I've improved my craft by sewing patterns from independent pattern companies, reading sewing blogs and forums, and attending online sewing classes. These days (when I'm not homeschooling my three kids) you'll typically find me sewing childrenswear, though I am trying to spend more time sewing for me and my husband too! Other than sewing, I love to sing (I’m a classically trained contralto), score awesome shopping deals (which would account for my massive Fabric Mart stash, ahem), and travel (though this was a lot easier pre-kids!). To see more of my work, please check out my blog AusChick Sews ( and instagram 


MARCIA  @keechiibstyle 


Hi, I am Marcia! I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children. I’ve been sewing since I was a kid (too early to remember). I learned the basics from mom and the hard stuff on my own. I love the whole process of sewing, from designing, choosing the fabric, construction and the styling! Im moved by the fabrics, it inspires me to create beautiful garments! Creating and styling garments has been a outlet for me to express my creativity and style . I hope to help and inspire others who want to create and design also.


Hello, my name is Angie and I am a self-taught Sewing Enthusiast. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother that now at almost 50 years of age I now have sewing as my Passion, Hobby and Therapy all wrapped up in one and in case anybody asks…. Yes, I’m a Selfish Sewist, lol. I first learned to sew in high school but only returned to sewing about 5 years ago. I love sharing my journey on my blog and social media outlets all while being a part of an awesome sewing community of other women and men that share the same interest. While I do dabble in other crafts, sewing is my main escape into my own little piece of “Heaven”.  

NIKKI  | @beautejadore


Nikki Brooks of Beaute' J'adore | Nikki is a pattern designer, content creator, DIY lover and mommy to an incredible 6yr old.


My name is Marty, and my sewing buddy is a sugar glider named Jo. I love vintage and historical fashion. I'm also slowly building a completely handmade wardrobe. To follow my everyday sewing adventures you can follow me at Scraps and Sequins on instagram and YouTube.

Hi! Dayana Here, a passionate Fashion Designer who is enjoying the journey of sewing my own and others’ wardrobe. Born and raised in Haiti, I grew up in a fashion environment as my mom was what I know now to be a ghost designer, sewing for several boutiques. At a young age, I was so involved, sewing easy straight lines, placing buttons, basting… It was all so fascinating to me and it went on until my teenage years. Guess what? After high school, I went to college and graduated with a degree in Accounting, talking about a complete shift! Time went on I am married to my best friend and moved to the States, had two wonderful children, obtained a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding and worked in the medical field for 14 years. I know! Speaking of another shift.  Fast forward four years ago, in 2016, I went for it, I registered to pursue my career in Fashion Design. When you are forty with a family, a full time job and you decide to go to school full time, life gets really hard. Looking back, I asked myself, how did I survived these two years? I did through hard work, long days, and tears at a red light, frustrations, bad eating habits, and an awesome support system, my family. Was it all worth it? Absolutely!!!  Now I get to, slowly but surely, create a full me-made wardrobe. I started building my client base, and any chance I get, I squeeze in a few pieces for myself. Looking forward to sharing my Fabricista makes with you!!

RALIAT  @raliat.oyinlola

My name is Raliat Ola-Dauda. I started sewing about 6 years ago to explore my creativity and bring all my vibrant style ideas into life. I love sewing with bold colors and prints. My favorite pieces to sew are dresses and jumpsuits. When I am not sewing or thinking about my next handmade project, I practice as a Pharmacist.

MEG  | @meggisews


Hi! I am Meg. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my husband and son. I have an accounting job as full-time work and sew at night. I have to admit. I am thinking about sewing ALL DAY LONG!! I learned how to sew from the Japanese lady who taught herself how to sew about fifteen years ago. I learned from her for about a year and have been self-taught since. Things I like to sew are mostly casual clothes for myself, some for my family. I have also made bags and quilts in 2020. On top of that, I now own an embroidery machine. I am really excited to start adding it to my wardrobe. My favorite fabric is knit. it just suits my lifestyle in multiple ways. They are easy and quick to sew and also comfortable to wear... I love to sew anything stretches! I am so excited to share my love for sewing on this blog as Fabricistas! You can also find me on my blog, Meggi Sews, or my Instagram and YouTube.

JANINE  | @janineerm

I'm a Canadian transplant currently living in southeastern Pennsylvania with my husband and our two cats. In 2015 I realized that my wardrobe brought me no joy at all so I decided to start sewing my own clothes. I had sewn some as a teenager and in my twenties but my skills weren't great so I started again at square one. Now, sewing is my primary recreational activity and I enjoy every minute of the process - from imagining what I'll make to trimming the threads. I'm over 50 which means there are fitting challenges so my aim is to create garments that suit my personality, are fun to wear and fit - or at least fit better than ready to wear. Time in the sewing room is my way to be creative and it rejuvenates me after sitting in front of a computer all day.

MARY ANN  | @anasewperfect

I started sewing at age 12 with my Mom's Singer sewing machine she bought in the early 1960s. I continued to sew through the years, especially for my two daughters' special events. Since my retirement from the military and federal government, I have become passionate about fashion and sewing and would like to share my sewing interest and connect with other sewists.

Maria | CocoaSugar Cosplay - I’m a cosplayer based out of central Pennsylvania and my sewing skills are self-taught. I've been cosplaying since 2008; what I love about cosplay is that you constantly get to experiment with new materials and improve your skills. My favorite types of projects are ones with a 'wow' factor and intricate details - especially if I have an excuse to add some extra sparkle!

JULIAN  | @juliancreates

I am Julian Collins, a public health professional by day and menswear sewist by night. I love injecting bold color and pattern into the world with my makes that help put smiles on people’s faces. You can see more of my makes/ antics on @juliancreates on Instagram as well as When not sewing I’m volunteering within my community, hunting for sewing machines and spending time with my partner and Dog.


ANALI  | @makesbyanali

Hi there, my name is Anali. I am from the beautiful city of San Francisco. I discovered my passion for sewing during the shelter-in-place order because of COVID-19. Two years prior, I had learned how to use my sewing machine but with a busy life I didn't touch it until we had to shelter-in-place in March 2020. My goal was to learn how to sew my own clothes. Many say I am a fast learner because I've only been sewing for a few months and I have made many garments. I am truly enjoying my sewing journey. During the day I work for the school district, at night I sew. Other interests are cooking, traveling, and photography. My long term goal is to design and create my own patterns. I'm so happy I found a passion during these difficult times. I want to continue growing, learning & inspiring. Instagram: @makesbyanali


JOHANNA | @soveryjo

Hi! My name is Johanna Ali and I'm a sewing and DIY blogger at I've been sewing for 7 years now and I love it. I've learned how to sew from following sewing bloggers and watching YouTube videos. There is something so amazing about taking a piece of fabric and making something amazing with it. I am looking forward to sharing my makes with you all.

INES  | @bynunis

My name Ines, my nickname is Nunis. I currently live in Miami but I was born and raised in Barcelona. I started sewing three years ago by watching online tutorials. Now sewing has become a sixth language for me (yep, language, not sense!). I love choosing fabrics, finding combinations, imagining projects, looking for inspiration, learning new tricks, cutting, solving problems, photographing, and sharing my work. Sewing gives me a sense of accomplishment and joy, and I am proud to gift, wear and use my makes. I mostly do practical and simple projects that can be completed in a matter of minutes or hours. My style is colorful, bright, and sunny.

JASMINE  | @sewmuchjazz

My name is Jasmine Desirée and I am from Maryland. I am a full-time fashion design professor, fashion designer and also sewing blogger. I have been sewing since 2007 and I love to share my sewing journey. I love being in this community of sewists where we can all share and learn from each other. I am so excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to share my makes.

Hello friends, my name is Teameaka (Tea) of @crumpetsteaandsewing; I am a self-taught sewing enthusiast since 2003. I live in Oregon with my husband and children. Although I’ve been sewing since 2003, I never had the chance to fully embrace the craft until 2014. Previously, I was a sociology and psychology instructor for higher education. So, I was quite busy. However, I would take out my sewing machine during winter, summer and holiday breaks and sew Sunday dresses and school clothes for my children. Currently, I am homeschooling my youngest child and creating content for my YouTube channel. I have learned a lot more about sewing since 2014 than I have in previous years. YouTube has played an influential role in helping me become a better sewer. At the present, my sewing journey entails me learning more about drafting my own patterns, draping, grading, and altering patterns. I’m excited to be part of the Fabric Mart Fabricista team and can’t wait to share my sewing skills and makes with you!


I enjoy all things active, outside and sparkly. I know - not a combination you usually see! I love bold, bright colors and textures - faux fur, sequins, ribbing , you name it! I got into sewing because I realized how much I really dislike going to malls and also because I felt like I never found things that I LOVED. I would buy things and always think "this will do... but I wish it fit like THIS or I wish it had a different color THAT"... so, I bought a $100 machine, watched a bunch of YouTube videos and cut into a pattern. That was about 1.5 years ago, and I've never looked back! By day, I work for a natural food company in strategy & analytics based in Colorado. By night, you can almost always find me hunkered down in my sewing niche working on 3-4 projects at a time because as they say, variety IS the spice of life. I also have a small polymer clay shop for earrings because much like clothing, I found that I could never really find earrings that expressed my playful, colorful personality so I started making my own. Turns out, there's others who also like a bit of color in their jewelry! When I'm not working my corporate day job or sewing away on a project or three, you can almost always find my partner and I working out in our home garage gym or out on an adventure. We love to travel and experience new cultures and especially new cuisine and can't wait to be able to go on another international trip. We are avid outdoors-people as well and while we haven't been able to explore very broadly lately, we have spent tons of time on the trail overlanding in our truck & exploring more of our own great state!I am honored and thankful to have been chosen as one of the new Fabricistas for 2021 and I can't wait to share with you my future makes with Fabric Mart!


SHARON  | @thesharonsews


Sharon taught herself to sew after a brief introduction to the art at the age of eight. She was hooked and fearlessly continued her sewing journey with techniques that were more “by the seat of her pants” than “by the book” resulting in some hysterical fashion moments. By age 14 she was sewing garments for her entire family and began selling some of her creations. As kids and career came along, she never lost her passion for sewing. To this day her grown children claim they spent too much of their childhood in fabric stores. She spent decades working as a communications manager in local government but when her husband’s career took them across country a few years ago she decided on early retirement. Sharon is a past contributor to Sew News and Sew it All magazines and was part of season 7 of the Sew it All television program. She volunteers weekly in a sewing studio at a local non-profit and shares her love of sewing on her YouTube channel, Sharon Sews. ( When she’s not sewing, she enjoys hosting a small group with her church, and exploring her new home state with her husband and dog.


VIV   vivmomsews

- Sewing since middle school 
- Wife to Brad for 35 years 
- Home school mom to three grown kids 
- Careful sewer, but not perfectionistic
- I like to sew & go...wear my clothes sooner than later! 
- Fabric Acquisition Expert (lol) 
- Fabric Mart's biggest fan
- Love all things sewing: fabric, patterns, pinning, cutting, sewing, wearing 
- Great fondness for beginner sewers


HANNAH   | @modistra.sews

Hello! I’m Hannah the teacher and maker behind Modistra Sews. I started my sewing journey around 2016 and haven’t looked back. A little while after I started I thought “hey I’m not too shabby at this, I would love to teach”. So I became a Burdastyle Certified Sewing Instructor. Garment making is my thing but I like to also make and teach how to make and see bags! I also enjoy sewing for my online shop where I sell T-shirt Towel Wraps and headband for curly girls. My first love thought is sewing dresses! Modistra is Greek for dressmaker. My husband and his family is all Greek and his “Thea” (aunt in Greek) is a great seamstress too. My min also sewed often when we were growing up, so it was something I was familiar with. I hope to inspire you with my blog posts and video tutorials!

SHEREE   | @shereesalchemy

 Sheree is a mother and wife that spends most of her free time sewing and gardening. She loves beautiful, high quality fabrics and is on a mission to revamp her wardrobe, filling it with items that suit her style, her figure and lifestyle. Visit her at @shereesalchemy on Instagram to follow her journey to creating a colorful handmade wardrobe.

DEE & DORY  designdreamers

My name is Doris. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. My mom was a 4-H sewing instructor and taught me how to sew. I made a lot of my clothes for school. After graduation I got caught up in work and other things and sewing got pushed to the background. Then one day I decided to get back at it, and took a quilting class and got a new machine. It wasn’t until 2019 that I started sewing again seriously. Back to making clothes. One day my sister, Dee said, “Will you do a YouTube channel with me?” My response was sure, what will it be about? And so we became Dee and Dory Design Dreamers and have been sewing up a storm ever since! I’m excited to see how I have been improving my sewing skills and trying many new things. My advice: Don’t give up, think outside the box. You can do it! 

Hi I am Dee. I was introduced to sewing when I was a young girl, before the age of ten. My first item was a tea towel and an apron. Not to exciting, but useful items and basic skills were taught. I sewed from then on through my early adult years, sewing for my young family. Then I put the sewing machine away, for at least 30 years. I finally dusted off my machine, oiled it well and started in sewing again. Finding a rebirth for my love for sewing! I am enjoying the new fabrics, the sewing community and the sewing process. Advice..relax and sew sew sew!


  1. Wow what an amazing group of sewists! I am so excited to follow you all this year!

  2. This is awesome! I do follow so many of these on YouTube! So nice of you to give a little insight into who they really are!!!

  3. Hannah, I love your youtube channel #Vivmomsews. Glad to see you're still with Fabric Mart. I learned about this fabric company from your channel, so thank you for inspiring me to spend hundreds on good fabric : )

  4. Looks like a great group of sewists! I'm looking forward to seeing what they make!

  5. Welcome to everyone! I can't wait to see the makes this year!

  6. Wow! What an exciting mix of talent to represent Fabricmart! Eager to see all the creations.

  7. Wow, how exciting! I hope this trend continues for many years to come!

  8. a great group and can not wait to see what you all make. i know you will enjoy the process and the great fabric.

  9. Looking forward to seeing the creations from this diverse group of sewists. It should be very eclectic and inspirational.

  10. I love all of you, I am 64 i learn to sew when i was about 35.
    i met a lady she told me about Fabric Mart, now i found fabric mart is just 15
    min away from home Love it
    Looking forward to see that you all are doing for 2021

  11. So excited to be part of the team this year! <3


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