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Made By A Fabricista: Summery Chambray Linen Mini Capsule

Hello all! With summer on the horizon, I'm gearing up for the heat with some fabrics and styles to carry me through weekend trips and general running around in hot weather. No matter the temperature, I still aim to appear stylish and put together, at least, you know, most of the time. Fabric Mart's exclusive linen chambray is superb for this exact use!

I requested two colors of the glorious lightweight yarn-dyed linen chambray. Putty is a cool-toned light gray that leans toward purple and taupe tones and the Medium Sky Blue is perhaps a little more self-explanatory. I have sewn with this base before, and I was just as delighted and impressed with these two colors as I have been in the past. I can't recommend them more, these are quite lightweight and very finely woven. They are sturdy with a very smooth face and have some body, but still maintain nice drape for linen. Despite being lightweight, they have enough structure to support the rounded curves of the pant seams and the volume of the gathered tank flutter sleeve.

To begin, I sewed a pair of Style Arc Bob Pants. They are pretty iconic amongst the sewing community and you’ll quickly find a plethora of examples posted around social media if you want to see them on all sorts of bodies. These pants feature outward curving balloon side seams for unmistakable volume. I knew I wanted a neutral colored pair because they really embody a sophisticated yet casual style, and I know they'll work with lots of tops. Plus pull-on pants are hands-down the easiest type to construct. I sewed a size 6 without any sizing adjustments, and I raised the pockets by two inches. I snuck a fun Kylie and the Machine woven label in the side seam for bonus points.

To pair with my groovy voluminous pants, I wanted a simple cropped boxy top to begin my capsule. I really like the Helen's Closet Ashton Top because of the wide hem facings; there's just something about a big hem and linen paired together! I used the pattern's sleeve expansion pack and then shortened the regular short sleeves by two inches, but maintained a wide sleeve hem to mirror the bodice hem. I chose the cropped length, View B, for the bodice and added one inch for just a touch more coverage. (Make sure you make your hem facings match any length changes if you do the same.) I love where this shirt hem meets the high waisted pants!

I also went ahead and chose another Helen's Closet pattern, the free Orchard Dress. 

This is a really forgiving style dress, just a simple A-line with the same front and back pieces, two pieces of bias tape strips for the front and back necklines, and one for each strap. I shortened the straps by two inches and skipped the dress pockets. My other change was to split the back bodice with a center seam so I could cut this dress out of less fabric. I debated whether or not to use that center seam for the front or the back. I honestly think it would look nice either way and I topstitched that seam down for a more intentional look. (Also, I just really love topstitching.)

Before my final decision, I ran to my closet and tried on my existing Orchard to see how it looked layered with a tee on top, and it passed the mirror test. I love the idea of laying a tee and a dress! This is a fresh idea for my closet, and I'm going to see what other tee and dress pairs I can combine for new looks.

Tossing on a boxy tee over a tank dress gives me instant shoulder coverage, which will come in very handy for sunny days when there's no shade available, and the fabric is light so this doesn't feel heavy or confining. This layered look really gives the dress a whole new look, and I am thrilled with how cohesive the combination looks in the same fabric.

And for my not-sure-if-it-was-going-to-happen bonus top, I was elated to squeak out a tank version of the Montavilla by Sew House Seven. This is a small garment with lots of great details packed in. The grown-on flutter sleeves are created with gathered shoulder darts on front and back, and there are elasticated side panels to bring front and back together. I cut the side panels against the grain, both for interest and to fit on my small leftover fabric scrap. This too is a sweet and short top to wear with the Bob Pants for an effortless aesthetic.

With just simple chambrays, this little collection really highlights the beautiful design lines of each garment. They pair well together and will also integrate into my existing wardrobe seamlessly. Linen is a choice fabric for the hot months and I hope you're encouraged to try a few pieces of your own this season.

Happy summer sewing!

KATIE  @kak513

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories CHAMBRAY LINEN.


  1. What great pattern choices! Thank you for your inspiration for a great looking and easy wearing summer wardrobe! You will look put together everywhere you go!
    I’m going to check out the fabric, I’m so lucky to be traveling close by the store next week! Can’t wait!

    1. Thank you! This was such a fun project for me since I adore linen. I'm jealous you'll be close to the store, have fun shopping!

  2. Perfect pairing of the fabric with the patterns. Never tried linen before but will include with my next purchase.

  3. I absolutely love the coordination of the outfits! The pieces look so great together and so comfortable. They must be perfect for summer! You did a wonderful job on them!

  4. Beautiful makes. I greatly appreciate how your photos show the details.

  5. I love the fabrics you chose, as well as the colors. They have inspired me to get back to sewing!

  6. Katie, what a great mix of patterns and fabrics! I always appreciate seeing your beautifully made pieces, especially with your lovely garden as the background, and very well done photos. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Wonderful pattern & fabric combination! Looks great on you as well. Linen is absolutely on my list for upcoming projects!

  8. What a nice combo and great outfit!


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