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Made By A Fabricista: Sewing A Jumpsuit On The Go

This may be one of my favorite makes ever, and it is for a very special occasion! I rushed through all the steps, but it was worth it, and I am glad I pushed through. I had my eye on the Deer and Doe Sirocco Jumpsuit for a while, and when I saw this ITY fabric on the Fabric Mart website, I knew it was the right time to make it. After overcoming some logistical challenges, I have the perfect outfit for my daughter's first birthday!

As usual, life has gotten in the way of my sewing plans, and I've had to get creative to complete this project. Sewing used to be part of my day to day. But lately, with too many long days and short nights, sewing projects remain on the back burner. Even sewing in the evening or on weekends is out of the question because my exhaustion surpasses my motivation, and I make too many mistakes. The only thing that keeps making my sewing mojo resurface from time to time is my commitment to Fabric Mart. I am so grateful for being a Fabricista and wish to honor my responsibilities, so I did everything I could to get this blog post ready on time.

I had planned to spend the weekend with my brother and sister-in-law. Since they have a sewing machine, why not use it? Instead of juggling with diapers, fabric, naps, needles, drooling, patterns, and more diapers on my own, why not sew while my daughter enjoys some quality time with her Auntie and Uncle? I prepared my "sewing-abroad kit" and cut out the pattern at home. For this project, I packed the walking foot (not pictured), some jersey needles, the beautiful yellow thread I got using the "matching thread" option on my Fabric Mart order – and some fusible interface, fabric glue, pins, and needles. All the notions that make my work easier. 

I got the print-at-home pattern and assembled it as usual, but instead of cutting the pieces directly from the paper, I copied them on parchment paper. This extra step will be helpful because it allows me to repeat the project as often as I like. Cutting the pieces was very easy because ITY fabric is soft and thin. It feels like butter. In my "sewing-abroad kit," I brought each piece of fabric pinned on its corresponding pattern. That helps to identify each element in the assembling process. Also, I often forget to mark notches on my fabric, so I must return to the pattern! If I do this sewing abroad thing again, I will bring extra material, too, in case some piece needs to be redone while on the go. 

I am thrilled with my fabric choice. ITY is light and elastic, which are musts since this jumpsuit has no zipper: you rely on the fabric's elasticity to put it on and off. The pleats on the waist are all sewn together to the waistband, so you must sew through four layers of fabric in some places. The domestic sewing machine I used had no problem since the material is thin! The walking foot is a must to get good results, though. Other advantages of ITY are that it feels smooth and cool, is perfect for Floridian weather, and travels well (it doesn't wrinkle). All great features in my book! To top it off, this abstract diagonal colorful pattern on the fabric is festive and will look fabulous as a "late-summer-birthday-at-the-park-outfit"!

I didn't make any pattern modifications, but I chose to use some fusible knit stay tape on the pockets and shoulder seams. Instructions recommend using clear elastic, but I found some reviews online recommending stay tape instead, and it worked. Also, instead of finishing the hems and neckline with a double needle, I preferred a zig-zag stitch, which was easier to do in this borrowed sewing machine and added a fun detail to the jumpsuit.

I had also ordered pretty tags from Daisy x KATM, but I completely forgot about them until the project was finished. I know you are supposed to sew them beforehand to hide the edge in the fabric fold. Still, I decided to add the tag in the end anyway, and I know it is not perfect, but it is still cute.

My decision to rely on a trusted and well-tried pattern paid off, and now I understand why so many people have made this Sirocco jumpsuit since its release (including my fellow Fabricista @26bydayana). I want to repeat this experience with other fabrics, so I may have to schedule more weekends with Uncle and Auntie!!! I cannot thank them enough; getting back on the sewing train feels good! Actually, Auntie still has work to do: now that I'm done writing this post, we are off to take the pictures! Who's the best sister-in-law?

INES  @bynunis

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories: KNITS & ITY KNITS.


  1. great job! love how vibrant it is!

  2. The material is a perfect complement to the jumpsuit

  3. You made the perfect fabric and pattern choice, and got such a festive result that looks fabulous on you. Good on you for powering through, very inspirational!


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