Fashion Challenge 2013

In the fall of 2013, we tried our hand at a fashion challenge. It was a first time doing somethign like this and we had no idea what to expect. After 2 1/2 months, 8 challenges and 10 participants, we had a winner... Shannon from Shanni Loves! She brought us a new eye on the sewing world with fun and interesting projects perfect for the beginning and more experienced sewer. We also had a VERY talented group of women, who I know for one learned a lot from! Their creativity and craftsmanship were inspiring! Here's a rundown of the weekly challenges from the 2013 Fabricista Fashion Challenge. 

Contestant Announcement

Week One: Recylced Challenge - Contestants were to use recycled materials to create a look. We let the door wide open on this challenge to see what our designers could really do! We told them they could use materials that would otherwise be thrown away, such as scraps from their sewing room. Or reinvent old pieces of clothing to create a new fashion forward look. 

Week One Winner: Kathy from Kathy Sews

Week Two: Who Made it Best? Using the pattern that we have selected for you, create a unique garment that reflects your personality. You can alter the pattern or add to the pattern to make it more you. Think of one of two words that describe you to inspire your look.

Week Two Winner: Meg from Made by Meg

Week Three: Bundle ChallengeUsing the 6 yard Bundle we sent contestants, they had to make a two-piece garment. Each bundle was different. They were allowed to use fabric from their stash to finish the look, but the bundle fabrics had to be used in a majority of the outfit.

Week Three Winner: Audrey from Sew Tawdrey

Week Four: Little Black Dress - For this challenge we asked contestants to make a little black dress for a perfect night out. They also had to create a story to go along with it. 

Week Four Winner: Shannon from Shanni Loves

Week Five: Timeless Classic - Contestants were to sew a garment from a vintage pattern and modernize the piece. 

Week Five Winner: Diane from Gatorbunny Sews

Week Six: Fabric of OUR Choice - We sent the same fabric to every contestant. They had to make one well-made garment. You can use a pattern of you choice to construct your garment. 

Week Six Winner: Audrey from Sew Taudrey

Week Seven: Mixing Prints - Contestants had to use two prints and coordinate them to make an outfit. 

Week Seven Winner: Diane from Gatorbunny Sews  

Week Eight: 3 Piece Outfit/Collection - Contestants were asked to create three pieces that could be worn together has 1-2 outfits. They also had to select two colors from the Fall 2013 Pantone Color Chart.

Grand Prize Winner: Shannon from ShanniLoves!


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