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Made By A Fabricista: Suited Up

Welcome to my August post, friends!

By now I think you all know I love to give myself a good challenge project – usually one that involves a difficult fabric. Thankfully this month I chose to use an easier to work with fabric to cut myself a break… but I chose a beast of a project. Are you surprised? I’m not! 😊

I have been a little burnt out on sewing projects for myself lately and was having a really hard time coming up with an idea for this post, so I decided to sew for someone else.  

Who would be the recipient of my latest make? My partner. I decided to make a suit, to be specific…yikes!

To start, I picked my outer fabrics from Fabric Mart – a deep navy-blue pinstripe wool blend suiting. I chose this when it was 70% off to get the most bang for my buck. It washed up beautifully and sewed up even better! My partner picked his lining fabric and for a guy who likes black, dark black, darker black and blackest black, I was shocked he picked his fun floral silky print fabric! I used two patterns I had hidden deep in my stash, McCall M7987 and Simplicity S8962.

I love how clean and sharp the edges came out. This is the hem of the sleeve and the vent, doesn’t that floral print look amazing with the navy color? 

The pant pattern had the option of a slim leg or a straight leg and even though I went with the slim leg, I still needed to take the leg in quite a bit to get the fit he likes. 

We also needed to do quite a few adjustments for his broad shoulders and quads as well to get just the right fit. He also didn’t like the patch pockets on the blazer as called for by the pattern, or the patch pockets on the pants as called for – so I hacked in some welt/flap pockets on the blazer and welt pockets on the pants. It took some engineering and finessing, but I got there!  

Have I mentioned I like tough projects lately?

By day, he is a tech consultant so these pieces individually will serve him well on client meetings and while traveling. We also have another wedding this year, and hopefully this makes the cut as his outfit! 

Overall, I love the result of this project and my picky client gave high praise! The fabric pressed beautifully, the inside is a fun pop of print and I gotta say, the model is really selling this make for me!

CHELSEA @thatssewchelsea

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories: SUITING.


  1. This is such a great looking suit. And your model wears it well.

  2. Wow, Chelsea! Hats off to you. Awesome sewing and tailoring skills. Great fit, very well done!

  3. Great looking suit and I love the lining fabric too.


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