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Made By A Fabricista: Lounging Around in my Loungewear Set

I had all these great plans for my final post of the year.  I wanted to make a holiday dress or something spectacular since this post was for December, but I started looking at different fabrics and ended up going in a totally different direction.  Today I am sharing the most comfortable loungewear set ever!

When I started looking at all the different fabrics on the Fabric Mart site, I’m sure there was a knit sale going on at the time.  They all looked so pretty and cozy and that’s when I decided to go from satin to sweater knit.  My decision was made as soon as I landed on this Dusty Old Mauve Rayon/Polyester/Lycra Heathered Brushed Sweater Knit 60W. There is nothing dusty or old about this yummy fabric. The fabric is described on the site as a brushed sweater knit that is soft and has a semi-textured hand. The fabric is a little on the sheer side so keep that in mind if you purchase a brushed sweater knit from Fabric Mart.  Unfortunately, this fabric color is no longer available, but there are a few other color options available.  All you have to do is search for Heathered Brushed Sweater Knit and you will see what’s available.

Once I received my fabric and touched it is when I knew this fabric wanted to be made into a loungewear set.  I started looking through my pattern stash and decided on Vogue 1835.  The name of the pattern is Misses' Tops, Pants and Slippers.  I did not realize the pattern also included the slippers until I opened the pattern and read the instructions. I definitely plan on making them at a later date. 

This pattern is very simple to make and there aren’t a lot of pattern pieces. For the top I made View A in a size L and I did not make any modifications.  The pants are View C and I went with a size XL. Although I like the fit of my pants, I probably should have made the L. I sewed the pants according to the pattern instructions, but I decided to add a band to the bottom hem of the pants. I used an existing pattern that I had previously used as my base. You can make this pattern piece yourself. It’s basically a rectangle with a few measurements.  To make the pattern piece, you are going to need paper, a ruler and a pencil.  We are going to be cutting this piece on the fold.

1. Take the measurement around your ankle and make a note of that measurement.

2. Draw a 6” horizontal line length wise on your paper. This measurement is for a 3” band. You can adjust this measurement as you see fit.

3. Next to the line you just drew, draw a vertical line your ankle measurement plus 2” divided in 1/2. Again, adjust this measurement as needed.

4. Close off your rectangle by drawing another 6” horizontal line on the opposite side and the same measurement used in step 3 for the other side.

5. Once you have a rectangle, add 5/8 seam allowance all around except the bottom because we are cutting the pattern piece om the fold.

6. Cut 2 pieces on the fold.

Fold pattern piece on the fold again if you opened it and with right sides together close the opposite seam of the fold. 

Next with wrong sides together fold over your fabric with raw edges touching to create your band.

With right sides together, slide your band onto the bottom of your pants with raw edges touching to attach the band to the hem of your pants. 

My suggestion when making this pattern is depending on the stretch of your fabric, you may want to size down from the size you normally make.  Also, you can mostly make this pattern using your serger! You might want to use your machine to hem the neck, sleeves and shirt hem.  You can also make the long sleeve version and don’t forget the slippers!

I hope you enjoyed my version of Vogue 1835 just as much as I enjoyed making it.  If you’re looking for a sweater knit with a soft hand, then pick up some of this Heathered Brushed Sweater Knit.  You’ll love it.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday season and I’ll see you in the new year. In the meantime, you can follow me on all my socials @soveryjo and you can subscribe to my blog at  

Until next time!

JOHANNA @soveryjo 

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories: SWEATER KNITS & KNITS.


  1. Thanks for including so many different views of your new lounging outfit. They are undeniably a great addition to your wardrobe. Such a lovely color too. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find them difficult to take off! I would love to have that pattern for just the slippers too…

  2. I'm in love with this set and will be making it again. I do wear it all the time.


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