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Made By A Fabricista: A Winter Coat Fit For The Throne

This post is a bittersweet one for me – this is my very last time sharing a make with you all with Fabric Mart. I have appreciated all the likes, comments, follows and tip sharing with you all over the last two years. Thank you all for your support and engagement! 😊

For my last post, I wanted to make a statement jacket that I could wear for upcoming holiday parties and events that brings a little bit of drama with it… because who doesn’t like a little drama and making an entrance?! 

I picked this black boucle with fun colors throughout it as the outer for my jacket and to my surprise, it actually has a little sparkle woven throughout it too which just amps up the perfect glam feel of this jacket. It’s hard to capture in the direct sunlight, but I promise it’s there! The pattern I used for this jacket is McCall 7848, view D with the collar. 

For as sleek as this jacket looks, it was a straightforward and clean sew, which made me love this pattern even more. I used a straight stitch on my sewing machine to stitch the pieces together and then serged the seams to keep them from fraying. The inside came together perfectly, and it was definitely one of the easiest jacket lining I’ve ever put together. 


I did, however, have a moment of zoning out when I was serging (yikes!) and clipped a piece of my lining, creating a hole. Luckily, I was quick and was able to stop it before the hole got any bigger! Thankfully, it was in the back part of the lining so it will be hidden from anyone else’s eyes. To fix it, I used some fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, then used a simple zigzag stitch overtop to close the hole. 

This jacket will be the perfect layer to throw on top of a holiday dress or work outfit. The fit of the jacket is not too tight/rigid where it’s uncomfortable, but structured so it looks polished. The pattern on this jacket calls for a 30” zipper, but I chose to use a 22” zipper because I wanted it to flare and give ample room for sitting. I love the way is it fitted close to the body on top. I also really appreciate that the arms are not TOO fitted, so you could easily wear a sweater or another light later under this jacket and still be comfortable. It has deep pockets too that are perfect for phone, keys and a pair of gloves.


When I was fit testing this jacket during construction, my partner kept saying “that jacket looks like it belongs on Game of Thrones!” and I love that compliment! I wish I could have better captured the flow and movement of this jacket, I love the way it swishes and flows while walking so you can get a peek underneath the jacket to whatever fabulous outfit you have on underneath.

Thank you all again for sewing along with me for all this time! 

Happy sewing!

Cheers – 

CHELSEA @thatssewchelsea

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories: BOUCLE & SUITING.


  1. Love it, Chelsea! You were one of my favorite Fabricistas and your makes were so "cool"! Street style seems to be your specialty and your finishing techniques are beautiful. Best wishes for the coming year!

  2. Beautiful. I hope you meant your last make for this year, rather than from now on. I did so admire your coat. It is gorgeous and you are a lovely model. I could relate to clipping the lining with the serger. Years ago when I was first using a serger I grabbed up what I thought was a scrap of fabric to test the tension and found to my dismay it was the bodice. Yikes! Not enough fabric to cut another so I I used a Stitch on the serger to sew it back together decoratively and had many compliments on it. Isn’t Sewing the most fun!

  3. That pattern was made for that fabric! Love your new coat and you wear it well. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  4. I appreciate seeing one way to use boucle. I have some FM boucle which I love sitting on my fabric shelf and now have a better idea of how to use it.


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