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Made By A Fabricista: 3 Projector Projects

Dare I start this blog by asking who enjoys assembling a PDF pattern? I know I don’t love it! If you’re like me, and love using PDF pattern files, but hate assembling them, a projector for sewing is perfect for you! For this Fabricista blog, I made three garments using beautiful Fabric Mart knits and my projector in no time!

Since I installed a projector in my sewing space, I’ve been able to save precious time by adding technology to the fabric-cutting process. If you’re new to the idea of projectors being used for sewing let me catch you up to speed. 

A projector casts the lines of  PDF sewing pattern pieces onto a table or cutting mat. From there, you place your fabric on the table/cutting mat and cut your pattern pieces directly from the projected image. I've captured a couple of photos so you can see how this looks. This projection onto the fabric means that you can avoid printing and assembling paper patterns, saving time and printing costs. As an added bonus, since you’re using less paper, you’re also decreasing your environmental impact.

While it is possible to use A0 pattern files with a projector, projector-specific pattern files are even easier to use and they are becoming more popular. Projector-specific pattern files are very helpful because they are formatted for easier cutting. The cutting lines are often made darker to help you see during the projection. If you take a look at some of your recent PDF pattern downloads you may be surprised to see projector-specific pattern files included from companies who haven’t included them before. As projector popularity increases, I love that more pattern companies are creating projector-specific pattern files.  

Now for my projector Fabricista makes, I made a skort with the Seamwork Wallis pattern. As a member of Seamwork's pattern subscription plan, I was able to access their subscriber-exclusive variation which includes a waistband to turn the dress into a skort. I fell in love with a cerulean, frost, black, sea green, and white floral swim knit fabric. What's great about using swim knit is just how functional it is inside and outside of the water! It doesn't wrinkle, it dries easily, and it packs easily, making it the ultimate performance knit fabric. Pair the skort with a simple top and take it out on the town (which is exactly what I did, these photos were taken on vacation.)

The Wallis skort pattern came together fast! I probably spent 30 minutes total from downloading the pattern to cutting the whole thing out. I'm constantly amazed at how much faster it is to make a garment while using a projector. Without pattern assembly, you get to skip right to the cutting fabric phase, which makes projects so much quicker. The assembly of the skort was also very straightforward! In just about an hour and a half (this includes the cutting,) I had a new skort! 

For my second garment, I moved on to making a black nursing top to pair with my skort. I chose 1.5 yards of black rayon polyester matte jersey knit fabric for the 5 out of 4 Knot Your Average Shirt & Dress pattern. I've made this pattern before, but this time I followed the nursing modification. It simply had me cut a full underlayer to attach underneath the knotted front. This top also came together quickly thanks to the projector files and not needing to make any fit adjustments. 

For my third garment, I made a 5 out of 4 Sydney Dress from an adorable navy cherry print DTY fabric. I had never sewn with DTY before and when I saw this cute cherry print I knew I just had to try it. The Sydney Dress pattern includes a bunch of different necklines, a nursing modification, and of course the projector pattern files. I chose the classic scoop neckline and half-circle skirt pattern options,  with a nursing underlayer inside the bodice. Can I also say how much I love DTY now? Sewing with this fabric was amazing and wearing it is even better! It is comfortable, lightweight, and cool which is perfect to beat the August heat. DTY is also very wrinkle proof! What’s not to love about this performance knit? 

Whether or not I’ve persuaded you to consider adding a projector to your sewing room, I’ve hopefully encouraged you to stock up on Fabric Mart knits. What I love about Fabric Mart is that you really can’t go wrong when you try something new. Even if you don’t end up liking a new type of fabric, I guarantee that you will have purchased it for a great price. Now, I dare you to go try some DTY, or stock up on swim knit and make something other than a swimsuit with it! 

SHAINA   @shaina_sews 

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories: KNITS, JERSEY KNIT, ITY KNIT, SWIMWEAR.


  1. For those of us who are less gadget savvy, what kind of projector did you use? This is a great idea.

  2. Brilliant tip on the swimwear fabric being used for garments beyond swimwear…thanks!

  3. I love the navy blue dress! Such striking colors with the cherries. The skort outfit looks like a great outfit for vacation, easy to pack!

  4. How is the projector set up to be pointing straight down at the ground?

  5. Two questions: how will I know if the pattern is projector friendly? If I needed to make adjustments to the pattern, would I have to resort to the taping method. Okay, so I have 3 questions: if the pattern has multiple lines for multiple sizes, would all the lines be projected? Thanks for helping me out. Even though I am 68, I am tech savvy from teaching anatomy, esp during COVID when demonstrating body parts had to be done. Whew! Glad that’s over! Linda


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