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Made By A Fabricista: Velvet for the Holidays

Are you getting ready for the holidays?  I am.  From past years, it gets so busy in my household around this time of year, so it is never too early to start my holiday sewing.  This year I decided to sew velvet, a fabric I had not sewn for many years but I think it is luxurious.  

As luck would have it, FM’s poly rich black velvet flashed on my computer screen and I bought lots.  I thought it would be pretty for a one-shoulder gown, which I had never worn before but admired on others.  The following week FM’s multi-colored one showed up.  It was a poly embossed Bohemian print velvet with jade, yellowish, and crimson colors; it screamed fall and family get-togethers.   I just had to have it!  When the fabrics arrived, the deep colors did not disappoint.

I chose Butterick B6557 for both dresses, View B for the knee-length printed dress and View C for the maxi dress. It was perfect for velvets; the front was one whole piece and so was the back.  I cut the fabrics with the nap going down.  From my muslin, I cut a size 16.  Pattern weights and silk pins really helped anchor the fabrics. Lining is a must and so is an invisible zipper.   I did not prewash the fabrics since the finished dresses will be dry cleaned.

To sew the dresses, I used a walking foot, a Teflon foot, an invisible zipper foot, and microtex needle. I tested my stitches and tension on fabric scraps first as velvet tends to slip a bit. Also, these velvets sewed differently from each other. The pattern instructions were clear. I took a chance at making close fitting dresses from velvet and am pleased with the fit.  After hanging the dresses for 24 hours, I hemmed them by hand.  

Modifications:  I shortened the bodice darts by one inch on each end for more room.  Because I could not use fusible interfacing on velvet, I used a grosgrain ribbon on the neckline instead. This would ensure the one- shoulder neckline did not roll down.  For the shorter dress, I added black lace trim to the sleeves. 

I am very happy with my first one-shoulder dresses.  I am ready for the holidays – the multi-colored one for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings and the long one for formal events, including new year’s celebrations.  

All the best for your holiday sewing,

MARY ANN  @anasewperfect

Unfortunately Fabric Mart Fabrics sell out quickly!
You can find similar fabrics by shopping the following categories VELVET.


  1. You did a Great Job! Both are Very Pretty!

  2. Both very nice and looks good on you. You're ready for the holidays!!!

  3. These are both beautiful. I might be mistaken, but I think I saw a review by you of Vogue 1706 on another website. That was also a stunning outfit. You have a great sense of style.

  4. Both of these dresses are beautiful on you. It has been years since I sewed with velvet. You did such a great job. Enjoy your Holiday Season.

  5. Great pattern choice for some stunning fabrics!


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